Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Curse of the Castor Oil

I had a terrible "stomach attack" the first time about two weeks ago. I just thought that you know it's one of those "rare" moments in your life wherein you experience that kind of stomach thing. I was alarmed when Thursday last week that I experienced that kind of "stomach attack" again. This time, I consulted our company doctor to get his opinion about this. Doki gave me a referral Friday morning and I immediately went to the nearest Cocolife-accredited hospital that same afternoon to have an ultrasound of my entire abdomen as Doki advised. 

When I was already on the hospital, I checked out the Cocolife rep to request for an approval slip for my ultrasound. The rep mentioned that the next available ultrasound will only start 12:30PM the following day and I need to have fasting of some kind. She told me to go downstairs to the Ultrasound Department to check with them directly on the "fasting" details. So off I went to the Ultrasound Department with the approved slip in my hands. 

At the Ultrasound Department,
Me: Kuya, ask ko lang if pwede bang magpa-reserve na ng time tomorrow for the ultrasound?
Kuya-in-Blue: Naku Ma'am! First come, first save basis po dito..
Me: Ah ok.. Eh Kuya, sabi sa 'kin sa taas, meron daw akong fasting na need gawin before ung actual ultrasound?
Kuya-in-Blue: Ah opo... Pahiram po nung papel nyo.
Me: Okay (while handing him my approved slip).
Kuya-in-Blue: Sandali lang po Ma'am ha... (while writing something on the back of the slip.. After he's finished. He turned to me and told me..) Ganito po Ma'am. Need nyo pong uminom ng Laxatrol 45cc ng mga 12AM. Bale po, kain muna kayo kahit mga hanggang 10PM then inom kayo ng Laxatrol ng 12AM. Then pede po kayong kumain before 7AM. 
Me: Okay. Eh kuya, after ba ng 7AM? Hindi na ko pede mag-take kahit water? 
Kuya-in-Blue: Ay Ma'am pede naman ho...
Me: Okay... Thank you.. (and I find my way out of the hospital)

I went to the nearest Mercury Drug outlet and checked out if they have Laxatrol. They said that they do not have it but it has the same effect as Castor oil, the only difference is that Laxatrol has a flavor, so I can drink Castor oil instead. Since I've heard about the "nightmares stories" about castor oil from my colleagues, I started to move out of the drugstore and looked somewhere else. I looked over another three local drugstores but unfortunately they do not have the Laxatrol stuff. Wheeewww! Since I so badly needed to go the next day for the ultrasound, I guess I have no other choice but to take the eeky, eewy castor oil. I bought it together with the measuring cup since I do not want to take chances on that eeky, eewy stuff (and partially on the OC part of my being, hehehe) Oh well, Goodluck to me! 

Tic tac! Tic tac! I was waiting for the "final, dreaded" moment when I will take the stuff down to my system. It's been a long wait, a long, long one. I felt like I was about to be killed in the gas chambers. OMG! When the clock's hands hit 11:45PM, I prepared my "suicidal stuffs" - this is the 60mL of Castor Oil and the transparent measuring cup, and prepare myself for the worst. 

The Eeky, Eewy Stuff

The Measuring Cup with the Eeky, Eewy Stuff

If you think that my "drinking" went okay. Well, think again! I really, really, really had a hard time. It was like drinking lard. A weird smelling one. I tried everything in my earthy powers to "down" the stuff in my system but I guess I can't. Waaahh! I just can't! I tried pinching my nose before drinking the stuff and I succeeded.. however, since I cannot breathe, I released my nose and when I sucked in air... Whooahh! I threw up again... That strong smell... the gooey, slimy feeling on your throat... I tried eating chocolates after but again, it didn't work. Sure I finished the entire 45cc, but it was already down the sink.. Eww... I hadn't sleep well because of that. Oh well, Bahala na si batman bukas! If the doctor told me that I cannot proceed with the procedure because I didn't drink that eeky stuff, then I'll make the hunt for LAXATROL. 

The next day was a relief! The doctor said that my ultrasound was okay - hehehe... Fyi. they'd given me permission to undergo the procedure although the I didn't drink the "CO". Yey! 

Moral Lesson:
Take care of your health (to avoid the CASTOR OIL. Hehehehe..)


  1. this is soooo funny! Here i am the night before my ultrasound test also in the Philippines with the same bottle of CO from Mercury drugs....wondering why i was advised to chug this LARGE quantity of CO anyway! According to Einstein Google is provides clearer viewing etc...but ill use it topically on my skin disorders as it sounds highly promising for many medical benefits.No gagging internally for me with that stuff tonight...ill PASS on that one...thank you! Sweet dreams- all!

  2. I just drink a 60 ml as needed for my gastro and ultasound tomorrow.I swear it's hard to take.It's like drinking flavored oil but well I was able to drink all of it with lots of water after.

  3. is castor oil good for hair growth with eyebrows and eyelashes?? pls rply..

  4. Hahaha! This is hilarious. I think it's supposed to make you throw up. 😂 Thanks for sharing.



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