Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mga Eksena sa Jeepney

Bakasyon kaya okay lang gumala. Kailangang samantalahin ko ang aking Christmas vacation! Aba, ito lang yata ang natatanging taon simula nung nagsimula akong magtrabaho na dire-diretso akong magbabakasyon. That is what? Seven years ago? Haaay! Ito lang ang pagkakataon ko para mag-leave at ma-enjoy ng dire-diretso.. Buti na lang at wala akong critical na produkto. Hehehehe. Uhmmm.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. Hahahaha! Sana maging matahimik ang Motorola hanggang matapos ang bakasyon ko.. If not, well, tingin ko makakatanggap ako ng overseas na tawag mula sa boss ko... Knock on wood... Hehehehe!

Anyways, kasama sa way ko nang pag-e-enjoy ang paggala... Sa mga hindi nakakakilala sa kin... Mahilig akong mag-window shopping.. Sorry sa mga saleslady, hindi ako madaling ma-salestalk... Hahahaha! (Sana walang saleslady/salesman na makabasa nito.. :)) Speaking of gala, wala pa akong pambili ng caroosh kaya commute ever ang drama ng lola nyo.. Hindi ako madaling makatulog sa byahe katulad ni Aling Dora, kaya observe chuvaness lang ang emote ko habang nasa loob ng mga pampublikong sasakyan. :)

Yah, well, sumakay kami ng Ate ko ng jeep kanina. Pumwesto kami sa may bandang dulo, bakit kanyo? Bukod sa madaling bumaba, para din hindi kami maging parang alalay ni Manong Driver na tagaabot lagi ng bayad. Haay... Aminan man natin or hindi, kapag sa naupo sa may bandang likuran ni Manong Driver sa ayaw mo man or hindi.. meron kang implied RnR na mag-abot ng bayad. Wala kang maririnig kungdi.. "Makiabot nga po ng bayad!" Tapos, ikaw bilang mabuting nilalang... aabutin mo ang bayad at iaabot kay Manong Driver, at kung buo pa ang pera ng pasaherong nakiabot sa iyo ng bayad, naturalmente, ikaw na din ang mag-aabot ng sukli. Nyirks! Minsan pa pag nataong konti na lng kayong sakay ung tipong nasa kabilang dulo ung bagong sakay na pasahero... hindi pa sya lalapit para abutin ang kanyang bayad... Ang gagawin nung ibang taong walang pakundangan eh sisigaw... "Makikiabot nga po ng bayad!" Ang pobreng tao na malapit kay Manong Driver ulit ang mag-aabot ng bayad. Kaasar nga kung minsan! Haaay! Minsan nakakaisip ako tuloy ng mga strategies na pwede kong gawin para hindi ako makapag-abot ng bayad. Hehehe... Bigay ko sa inyo ung iba kong mga ideas na pwede ninyong magamit..
  • Magkunwaring nakatulala.
  • Magkunwaring nakatingin sa labas. Kailangan magmukhang talagang sobrang absorbed kayo sa tinitingnan nyo. Or pwede ding ung parang hinahanap nyo kung saan kayo bababa.
  • Maglagay ng earphones at umindak-indak, para kunwari wala kayong naririnig na iba kundi ang MP3 sa CP nyo (or sa mga high levels, iPod)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've written a couple of articles related to my close friends' birthdays. So I guess, it will be fun to write another entry for one of my very close friends in high school - Olimc. 

We were classmates from first year to fourth year high school but we didn't got close until our late high school days. We even got closer when we started attending college and before we know it there's a trio of us already - Emme, me and Camilo. Emme and I are fond of calling him Olimcdo. 

December 22 is always a day to remember not just for us but I guess for the rest of our class. It's because it's Camilo's special day and we had a tradition of celebrating it every year. I remember that Olimc always requested us to arrive ahead of time so that we can be there to help him pick his clothes and everything. I remembered one time I even ironed out his shirt. :) I can still remember those times when Emme and I used to help Nana wash the dishes. :( (We miss you Nana!  :(:(:()

Olimcdo is such a reliable buddy. He's the kind of person whom you can tell everything. These past few years, we are not celebrating his birthday as we used to be, however the spirit and the memories that were brought about by the past December 22's will always be with us! That's for sure! :) 

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIMCDO! Hopefully, we can celebrate your birthday when you get back here in the Philippines. :) Sana next year na! Me and Emme miss you so much! XOXO! :)

Emme, Melai and Camilo  (Super luma na ung pic.. payat pa tayo dito! hehehee!)

The Artist in Me: Busy Wednesday

I wanted to blog but for some reason I can't. I can't put my thoughts together. I guess I'm thinking of too many things all at the same time. Yeah, well, after having lunch at Kubo, I was still not in the mood to brush my teeth so I got a pencil and a piece of paper and lounge around. I initially went to Aling Dora's cube but she's not there, so I went to Chubi's cube and I found her busy doing stuffs on her laptop. I pulled a chair and sat next to her.

When she saw the finished product, all she can say is that "Ang payat ko dyan ah! (I look slim on the picture!)" Yeah well, I'm not that good in sketching humans much more the faces so I told Chubi she won't have any face in the drawing and says that it's okay with her. :)

I am calling this sketch "Busy Wednesday". :)

Busy Wednesday by Melai 122210

Special thanks to Chubi for modelling. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Something To Look Forward To

I had my first glimpse of his well-chiseled face on the cover of GQ (October 1993 issue). I knew right there and then... I'm in love! :) He had this long wavy hair back then and he wore this mysterious look that hypnotized millions of women. I'm a sucker for guys with long hair, with tattoos, bad boy looks - and he's the one for me. Hehehehe...

Love! Love! Love! - Johnny Depp on the Oct 1993 Issue of GQ

Then I realized 17 years later, the love didn't fade a single bit. I guess I can call him my one great love in that matter. :) Yes! I'm in love with JOHNNY DEPP! :) I never failed to give ohhss and aahhhs every time I see a picture of him. I'm normally attracted to guys with clean and short fingernails but I gave an exception to Johnny when he starred as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. So I guess it must really be love! Hahahahaha! :)

My Johnny as Captain Jack Sparrow

This is something to look forward to for those Johnny Depp addicts like me (that's aside from "TheTourist" which was shot in Italy, co-starring Angelina Jolie) - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. From the trailer, it looks like they'll be in search of the famous Fountain of Youth.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Artist In Me: What's in a Face?

Yes! I do love art! :) However, I skipped submitting my portrait assignment during my Drafting class in Third Year high. I'm good in technical drawing but quite a mess when it comes to freehand. I do not have any difficulty imagining and drawing the orthographic sections of a given object, but I do have hard time drawing humans and any freehand drawing that requires assumptions and proportions. 

Sketching faces is not one of my many talents. I think I'll be happier if ever I'll be able to do that as well. However, I know God is fair. You cannot be pretty and witty and sexy and be good at sketching faces all at the same time... Heheehehe... Yeah, well, just to make another try, I searched the web and was able to find this video that shows some basic steps in drawing a face. 

I tried following these steps and here's the outcome. I think it's not that bad... ;)

What's in a Face? by Melai 12172010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aling Dora, The Exploiter Strikes Again

Remember Align Dora from my previous blog entry? Well, she's back! And she's back with a vengeance! Or should I say multiple strikes just for this day? So guys, you better get yourselves ready for her return!

Strike#1: Legging or Short Leggings? 
During lunchtime, Aling Dora is having a conversation with Jinggay, Chubi and me. I told them I wanted to wear leggings and nobody reacted! I interpreted that they are either shocked or they are having difficulty picturing out me wearing the tight thing! And well... the latter was correct! (Those mean girls! Rrrr!) Align Dora bent towards Jinggay and whispered something... 
Jinggay babbled out.. 
Jinggay: Ano? Legging?
Melai and Chubi started laughing... 
Melai: Legging??? 
Chubi: Hehehehehe... Isang paa lang kasya dun... Hehehehe.. 
Then I remember this one time while we are discussing the costume for our Christmas Presentation. We were discussing about wearing a short skirt and Aling Dora said to me.. 
Aling Dora: Melai, Pede pala ding magsuot nung leggings na maikli. Ung hanggang ganan? (NOTE: This is not a typo error... "ganan" is her term for "ganyan".) (She said this while showing me that the "leggings" should be above the knee.)
I eyed her suspiciously....
Melai: Ah! Cycling! (I was referring to cycling shorts!) 

Strike #2: Pami-What?
We got the news that Hubert Webb, the main suspect on the Visconde Massacre was already acquitted together with the other suspects. We were watching the GMA7 footages and Aling Dora saw Hubert.
Aling Dora: May girlfriend daw yang si Hubert?
Jinggay: Talaga?
Melai: Ang tindi naman! May GF talaga?
Aling Dora: Oo... nakilala daw un sa PAMIMISITA?
Melai and Jinggay looking at her. "Ano daw? PAMIMISITA?"

Strike #3: Pinky
Still watching the news footage on GMA7...
Aling Dora: Grabe naman... Sino-sino pa ba ung ibang akusado dyan?
Melai: Akusado din ung anak ni Pinky De Leon!
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga pala...
Suddenly Pinky De Leon was focused on TV while in court...
Melai: Ayun si Pinky!
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga no... Bakit hindi sya naka-PINK? 
Melai/Jing: Ano baaaaa???????

Strike #4: Double Jeopardy
Still watching the news footage about the Visconde Massacre suspects' acquittal..
Rey: Naku... magbabayad pa ata ang gobyerno dyan...
Jing: Final na kaya yang decision ng korte? Hindi na pedeng umapela..
Rey: Hindi na... Double jeopardy na un...
Jing: Ah oo nga... parang may napanood ako na ganung movie... hindi nga pla un pwede...
Aling Dora: Ay oo... napanood ko din un... Si KRIS AQUINO ang bida?
Jinggay: Tangik! English un...Un parang may kinuha... 
Aling Dora: Ah oo nga pla... Hheehehe... Ung kinuha nung bestfriend nya ung anak nya... Naiyak nga ako dun eh!
Jinggay: Sira! Deep....
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga pla... Deep Blue Sea nga pla un... Hehhehehe..
Jinggay: Adik! Deep-end of the Ocean un! 
Rey, Melai, Jinggay >>> (@_@)

All good things must come to end

All good things must come to an end. It's not like you can stay forever with the rest of the people you come to care of or eventually started to love. We all know that we can't stay together forever. People must move on with their lives. I'm getting a little sentimental. I'm feeling sad and a little bit teary eyed knowing that a few months from now, some of us will be leaving ahead. 

I will definitely miss going to office seeing each and everyone of you guys chat with each other over breakfast and lunch and meriendas. I will definitely miss having coffee with you guys while chitchatting about how each of our day went, even discussing our own personal problems. Staying with you guys for six years makes me weepy knowing we would not be seeing each other for sometime. It will definitely be a huge adjustment for me not seeing us complete on the table during breakfast. Thinking it ahead makes my heart sink and makes me weepy all over again. Yeah! That's me exactly! Deeply attached to friendships and relationships! I treat the guys that I work with not just my officemates but as friends. 

I know that a few months from now some of us will be together again... a different place.. a different time... however, the absence of some won't make it the same again.. Moving on will be hard for me considering the time that each of us spent together... Weaving memories together... If I ever get sad or lonely and miss each one of you guys.. I can always check on the photos that we had... reminiscing all the memories together with each photograph... 

I actually was intending to write about the Christmas Party that we had yesterday however I don't know what got over me to feel sentimental. I guess it's just a spill over of my mood yesterday all getting lonely and love sick. I guess I better get back to write about the party.. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Have you?

Have you ever felt that there's something missing in your life?
Have you ever felt that despite having a successful career you need something that you know will make you happier?
Have you ever had sleepless nights wishing that you have someone to cuddle with in the middle of the night?
Have you ever felt this "tick" in your heart whenever you see a happy couple around?
Have you ever felt jealous of those women holding babies?

Yeah, this is me in my "emote" mode. I guess it's because of all the romance novel things and those Koreanovelas that I'm so much into lately that makes me feel more sensitive and do some fantasizing about love and all those romantic things that comes with it. 

Flowers? Aww! Who wouldn't want one? And chocolates... Ahhhh... Don't get me all wrong... I've exprerienced having them.. Flowers and chocolates and cards... But then I realized, how come I'm getting them from somebody whom I didn't like? Because of that I wasn't able to feel the same bliss it must have been compared to getting from someone you really like or love, you know, the ultimate "kilig" factor is there.

I remember receiving a card from my ultimate crush in grade school. Hah! Oh well, yes, I was the sentimental kind of girl. Keeping cards and chocolate wrappers. Here are some of the memorabilias of my younger "landian" days. Hehehe..

The first Valentine's Day Card that I received from my first crush in grade school :) 

Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately, I'm feeling hooked about the whole "pageviews" and "comments" things. I think I'm being addicted to them I am already forgetting the main reason why I opened this blog - which is to express myself and how I feel through writing. It's kind of odd that I am developing the habit of refreshing my dashboard several times a day to check how many views do I have. Checking the progress and comparing how much views I have gained these past few days. Sometimes I do feel silly doing just like that. I even feel that I'm making too much effort "advertising" my blog and "pushing" people read those stuffs that I write. Yesterday, when somebody commented on my blog, and when I checked him out, I saw that his blog has this kind of chatbox and it has all these comments. Yeah, I created one for myself. Anyways, I feel sillier checking them everytime I make a refresh to check if somebody sent me a message, even a "hi!" note will give me an ear-to-ear smile. Unfortunately, until now, no one left me a single message. :(

Duhhh, I'm feeling that I'm looking for attention... Am I? Well, maybe these last few weeks.. just these past few weeks... I guess.. Or was it because I'm looking for opinions? Or maybe I just want to know if people read my entries... Or perhaps, I just want to know the peoples reaction to my blogs.. because I want to see people smile and react to things.. Perhaps it's a mixture of all of these things.. Yeah! Maybe I need some attention, to hear other's opinion, to be curious about my readers, and to see people smile and react to things.. Now, I think I'm being complex... Hahhaahha! 

Well, who cares if someone's chatbox is oozing with messages and I only have one message which is the one that I posted myself? Who cares if I only have a few hits on the site views? Who cares if I do get only 1k+ and Bryanboy gets millions?  Hahahahaha! Okay, now I'm being jealous! :)

Oh well, it's time to have some focus now and make myself focus on the things that makes me happy, set aside those things that makes me worry, and forgot those things that make me angry. The least that I want in my life right now is complexity, and I'll be doing my best to make my life as simple and as uncomplicated as it should be. :)

The Fourth

Finally, I got to trap someone else! I've got my "Fourth" official follower! Yihaaa!! I was kind of ecstatic when I saw that I am seeing four boxes on my follower's portion. :) Haah! My fourth! My fourth! Haaah!! (Me smiling while having my clasped hands close to my heart..) Awww! The joy! Hmmmnn... Snap! Oh well, too much about me.. Hehehee..

As I promised on my blog, I will be creating a post for my "Fourth" official follower - Wify. 
My "Fourth" follower - Wify
I took a closer look at the small icon of my new follower... closer... closer... It's a relatively small photo to take a look at... I have a hint of who she was but still I wanted to make sure. So I clicked on the pic and it went bigger by a fraction, just to make sure again.. I opened her blog and see for myself if what I have in my mind is right? And when I opened it. Yes! Right! It's her. From her first entry, I noticed a poem. I don't know, maybe I should write one for her. Let's see if I still have the ability to make words rhyme. :)

A Poem for Wify

It's odd that I'm making this poem for you
It's because I feel like I am your beau!
It sounds awkward and fun
Anyways, I thank you for being a fan.

Thank you for taking time
Reading those stuffs that I write.
I know you went with my "push"
However, I know that you enjoyed it for sure!

Again, Thanks for dropping by
And making my site-o-meter fly!
I think I am losing my touch.
I think I'd be better off the couch.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Way too funny! :)

God! This made my day! :) It was a pensketch that I had seen on my new additional to my current "Blogs to Love" list >> Cartoons by Edwin Rhemrev. This sketch reminds me of what happened to a friend. Nyehehehehe! :)

Is it gone now? by Edwin Rhemrev

Aling Dora, The Exploiter

I am planning to do this for some time now - to document the adventures of Aling Dora, The Exploiter. Chubi came up with the name. Chubi's as good as Addie when it comes to giving names, it made me think they came from the same specie. Hehehehe! Thanks a lot Chubs! :) Unlike the Batman adventures, this is not a comic series. The "Aling Dora, The Exploiter" series will showcase the "exceptional" jokes and comments from Aling Dora herself.

The name came up during our conversation yesterday after having our normal afternoon snacks. 

Aling Dora: (chanting) Pack bag! Pack bag!
Melai: (Looking at Aling Dora) Huh?
Aling Dora: (chanting again) Pack bag! Pack bag!
Melai: (Looking at Chubi.) Ung kanta ba yan sa Dora, the Explorer? Hindi ba dapat.. "Back pack! Back pack!" :)
Chubi: Dapat nga "Back pack! Back pack!" :)
Melai: Nyah! (@_@)

I know we'll all be looking forward Aling Dora's new adventures. So long! Talong! :) Hehehehe!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OMG! 1K and still counting

Seeing my pageviews hit the now 4-digit counter makes me giddy. Haaah! I guess my continuous effort to push my officemates to visit my blog every time I have a new post finally paid-off. Yes, you read it right... "push" is the term. I send them the links thru IM's and emails so that they can access my site in just one click. I think I would not reach the 4-digit counter if I didn't "advertise" and do some "pushing". :) I tracked them last week and saw that it was only somewhat between 700 to 800.  When I did some checking, I found out the I already have 34 entries total PLUS this one so that makes around 35. I guess I'm having a good time blogging or perhaps many "PO" moments to utilize. Hehehehe.. 

I have 3 loyal followers that I want to thank >> my bestfriend Jake and my close friends Addie and Jalex. And my friends and office buddies that are "forced" to read my blogs. Thank you! Thank you! :)

OMG! 1k+ hits! Thanks a lot guys and gals and gays! :)

Tell you what? I'll be posting a "special" blog specifically for my fourth follower that will sign-up. Hehehehe... Isn't it enticing? Hahahaha! Mind you guys, I'm serious. :) Is it that obvious that I'm really desperate to have more followers? Hahahahaha! :) Oh well, be the fourth follower and you got the chance to appear on my blog. :) So, what are you waiting for? Join na!

Several Firsts

I thought I wouldn't make it since I feel sick late Friday until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I popped up some med to make sure I'll be fine to be able to attend our "last" Christmas Party. I shouldn't let my group mates down since I am part of the "warriors" portion of our "Ilumina" presentation. I'm kind of hesitant in wearing the dress but then I remember the "We're all in this together!" theme that we have and some (and I mean just some) of my worries were put to rest. 

I ate breakfast, showered and got myself ready for the rest of the day. Exchange SMS' with Betchie to align with our meeting time so that we can go together to Linda's hotel room to get our hair and make-up done. I popped another med when I felt another a start of headache and I'm feeling cold again (minus the chills this time). It's almost 1PM when we arrived the hotel and got to see Jobert (Addie's make-up artist during her wedding) already starting Linda's hair. Addie arrived after Betchie and I. Glenda, Alex and Tina followed several hours after. 

For the second time, I liked what Jobert did to my hair and face. My first make-up session with him is when I was part of Addie and Roy's wedding entourage a couple of years back. And as expected, he did wonders! 
  • He didn't blow dry my hair but flattened it out and it turned out fab! As Addie said, it's looks similar to Pink's. Hehehehe.. 
  • I LOVE the idea of the false eyelashes. It's my first time wearing one since I haven't been "experimental" about it since I'm wearing contacts PLUS I rarely have the opportunity to attend events that will require me to be on my "full make-up" mode. My new contacts will be available early next week so I think it would be okay if I'll be kind of "experimental". :) 
  • I think the pink lip tint and gloss goes together with the make-up. :)
My second make-up session with Jobert

Last Saturday, I've (We've) showcased "the dress". I will be just be posting my pic though since I wouldn't want my head to be chopped-off by my fellow "dancers". Heheehehe... Wearing the dress will give me several "firsts".

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Just Haven't Met You Yet!

I actually like to post the cute video of this song with lyrics, however, the embedded file was disabled. :( So I'll be posting the video and the lyrics separately instead.

About the song, well, yeah.. It's great... and I think I just haven't met you yet... :)

I'm not surprised, not everything lasts
I've broken my heart so many times, I stopped keeping track
Talk myself in, I talk myself out
I get all worked up, then I let myself down

The Artist in Me: 24 Days to Go Before Christmas

It's the first day of December! We only have 24 days to go before Christmas! I wasn't as excited as I was when I was kid but what the heck! It's the season to be merry and bright! I've got my hands working with ideas to paint and here's what I got.

24 Days Before Christmas by Melai - 120110 10:23AM

I got this video from Michael (my BF.. hehehehe!)... Merry Christmas everyone! :)

The Artist in Me: Fancy Plants

I started doing this in Paint two weeks ago. I added the finishing touches this morning.

Fancy Plants by Melai - 12012010 9:08AM 


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