Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back on UST grounds

It always nice to go back to a place where you know you belong. 

I've spent 5 years of my life studying in España, Manila -where a small amount of rain will lead to ankle-high water. For some odd reason, I missed those times - walking slowly on flooded streets making sure to avoid stepping on a manhole, the free Jollibee treats if you end up stranded inside UST campus. Aside from the flood-related incidents, I missed my college friends and professors more. It's been seven long years since I have graduated to my beloved school - University of Santo Tomas and it's been two years since I last visited. I miss the school's concrete paths, the carpark stalls, the Santo Tomas ice cream, the scent of freshly trimmed grass, the calmness that I felt whenever I set my foot on the steps of UST Chapel. I missed everything! If I were given the another chance of college life, I think I would still love to be a Thomasian! :)

It's drizzling yesterday when I came to visit and got a copy of my TOR. After some time, the drizzle stopped and I decided to take a walk, eat some breakfast and took some shots! I wasn't able to bring my digicam but I got my ever trusted Nokia 5610d-1. :)

It's definitely nice to get my feet back on UST grounds! 

It's definitely nice to get my feet back on UST grounds!
The back of view of UST Main Building
UST Main Building. Did I mention that this building is earthquake proof? :)

It's nice to be back! :)

The Altar in the UST Chapel. 
Mr. and Ms. Engineering 2011

I can't help but take a shot of one of the elephants surrounding Fr. Benavides monument.

The Fountain of Knowledge

University of Santo Tomas (Founded 1611)
We are turning 400 this year!!!! :)

Thomasian's college life if not complete if you haven't passed the ARCH OF THE CENTURY.

A view of the Main Building through The Arch

Jose Rizal studied here. 

And Manuel Quezon too. :)

This used to be the place where my college classmates and I used to practice our English plays and presentations. :)

It's nice to know that I have become a part of this school. :)

Statue of Fr. Benavides in front of the UST Main Building


  1. i also have a blog about my return to UST after 10 yrs, but it's still in my drafts... hehehe!!

  2. *sigh* I miss studying here too... when I went there 3 weeks ago, wala pa silang mr and ms eng'g... and there was a stage in front of the main building for the paskuhan events... i'll try to finish my blog this week :)

  3. btw, the resolution of your phone camera is awesome!! i actually thought you're using a dslr! hahaha! pwede!

  4. hey CT! finish na the blog hehehehe... hindi ko pla nasama sa contents na ito na nung nakasakay na ko ng jeep pauwi eh merong sumakay sa may Morayta na cute na guy... hahhahaha! take note, ala-Lee Dewyze (tama ba spelling ko? hehehe) ng AI... panalo! cutie!
    oh well, about sa phone cam ko maganda talaga sya... lalo na sa outdoors at ung sa indoors na may yellow lighting.. :)

  5. nice pics taken from a camera phone ha :-)

  6. hello roch! yup... hehehehe... i bought the phone 2yrs ago (i think) bacause it's under XpressMusic.. i didn't know i'll enjoy the camera more... hehehe... :)

  7. Love the pics... parang kinuha ng professional photographer....



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