Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had a dream last weekend. A dream that I wasn't able to remember until Tuesday this week. And I wasn't able to stop wondering.. and wondering.. and wondering.. :)

The dream flashes something similar to this.. 

...Two people holding hands.. Palms together, fingers clasped.. It turned out that the other hand was mine (that's what I remember!) and the other.. well.. I wasn't able to remember who owns the other hand.. Haha! Too bad! Who's he anyway? I do hope I'll have a Part2 of this dream so that... so that I can come after him! Nyahahahaha! (Imagine me saying this with a loud witchy-pitched voice wearing a foolish grin..Hehe..)

Kidding aside, I think I've been indulging myself lately on my usual dose of romantic notions.. Anything too much leads to something weird.. And yes, that's what I'm doing lately.. I remember myself doing a re-read of one my favorite Nora Robert's novels the night (or was it morning already?) before I got to sleep. And then comes the "HH" dream.. For those of you who are puzzled on the title of this entry.. there.. "HH" for holding hands.. So more or less, the book is the culprit.. Hahahaha! :) 

Well, who ever owns the other hand... Well, I can say that you are lucky to have to hold my hand! All right! I'm joking.. :) I have clammy, fat-fingered, rough hand! But.. Hah! Whatever! I'll say that he's lucky! Period.

And I do hope.. eventually.. it will be something like this.. Aww! 

Note: Photos came from Google Images.

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  1. Dreaming of a future love maybe? If you relax and close your eyes, letting your mind wander, maybe you'll be able to see his face. :)



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