Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If ever I'd be given a chance to have one of my body parts insured. It would have to be my FEET. I can make a day pass without combing my hair, but I cannot have any day pass without me fussing over my feet. I can tolerate having a bruised arm but not having a bruise on either of my foot. I won't worry about having pimples all over my face but you'll see me worrying over an in-grown. Should I start to consider myself vain? Hehe. 

I care about my feet most of the time. Yeah, Well, most, most of the time. It's not my first splurge when it comes to shoes. However, this is the first time that I tried wearing this brand and I definitely think that it's worth it! :) 

My first pair of Clarks

This is my Happy feet! ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Da Who

Before "Aling Dora, the Exploiter" comes several "documented stuffs" that happened last 2006. Here's a repost of my blog entry in FS last November 16, 2006.


Merong mga bagay tayong nagagawa at nasasabi na minsan hindi natin intensyon sabihin… wala lng… basta lumalabas na lng…. ung bang mga serious na usapan na kapag inuri mong mabuti eh minsan kakaiba pala ang kinahihitnan…. tulad na lng ng mga tagpong ito…

Ang mga mababasa ninyo ay pawang nangyari sa tunay na buhay… Sadyang itinago ko ang kanilang mga pangalan for their own sake…  Tingnan ninyo kung mahuhulaan ko kung sino ang mga taong nabanggit sa ibaba…

Yip, Yep and Yup with S.Y., G.Y. and T.Y. Combine

Scene: May meeting to discuss an issue… nandun ang mga critical attendees to solve the problem… Ung S.U. ng isang system naka-phone patch…

Pl1: Hi Yeap! the critical attendees are here to discuss the problem.. please launch your netmeeting… (Please note the name >>> YEAP… Yep ang bigkas…. pede din syang tawaging C.Y.)

Other attendees greeted the S.U.
Pl2 / Pl3: Hi Yeap!
Pr2 / QR_G: Hi!
Pr1: Hi Yup! (Ano daw???? Yup??? hehehehhe…)

Nagpatuloy ang meeting… di makatawa sina Pl2 and Pl3 kasi nakakahiya sa mga attendees…. Un ang 1st…
Pr2 checks if S.U. is still on the line…
Pr2: Hello?? Yip??? (Anoooo???? Yip naman…. aba…. kaiba na ito…. Syempre… kahit sobrang natatawa na sina Pl2 and Pl3… super pigil pa din… hehehe…)

Pr1: Hello??? G.Y.???? (Ha???? Ano daw???? G.Y.???? Ano yan VFBGA???? Hehehhehe… Grabe…. Todo na ito…. Di nakatiis si Pl2.. tinama si Pr1)
Pl2: Kuya, CY po… (after pressing sa mute button sa phone)
Pr1: Ah ok… thanks…

Pr1 unmutes the phone..
Pr1: Hello??? C.Y.? (Ayon…. Tumama din… Hehhehehe…)

Tuloy ulit ang meeting…. May question para sa S.U….
Qr_G: Hello??? S.Y. (Anooooo???? Shucks…. S.Y.????? Eh T.Y. nga un… este.. C.Y. pala… nahawa na tuloy ako…)

Tuloy ulit ang meeting… eto na ang finale… goodbye portion na…
Pl2/Pl3: Bye Yeap…
Qr_G / Pr2: Bye… (heheheh… wala nang pangalan…)
Pr1: Bye Yup…. (Hala…. ano ba??? Kaloka…)

Usapang TJ

Scene: Busy kami sa work…

Skittle Slippers: Melai, baba tayo?
Melai: Cge.. (tinanong ko ung isa kong ka-officemate…) Tekky Girl, ano? Eat tayo?
Tekky Girl: May gawin pa ko eh… pabili na lng…
Melai: O cge…
Tekky Girl: Pabili nung….
Melai: Ng alin?
Tekky Girl: Ung FRANKENSTEIN….
Melai: Ano???
Tekky Girl: Ung Frankenstein.. ung kinain natin nung isang araw….
Melai: Frankenstein???? (nag-isip ako kung meron ba kaming kinaing ganun????) Nyeks!!!!! Baka GERMAN FRANKS?????? Hehheeheheh….
Tekky Girl: Un nga…. hhehehehehe…. 

Ano??? Nahulaan niyo ba????

It See, Bit See

This is a repost of my previous FS blog, dated December 12, 2006.


Things that really touched my heart…

  • Greetings during my birthday. I take note of those people who remember me on my special day. I feel that I am special to them since they were able to remember me. 
  • Receiving a Stephen Bishop’s tape with the “It Might Be You” song during third year high school.
  • Receiving a love letter from my suitor in high school during our Fourth Year filed trip in EK. The letter was given to our bus tour guide who read it right there…  Before departing EK, that suitor of mine handed a big Chips Ahoy to my friends asking them to give it to me. He walked me home right after our buses arrived school later that night.
  • During me and my classmates in college were on our Baguio trip, somebody knocked on our hotel room. All of my room mates are already lying in bed so I was the one who opened the door. When I opened it, nobody was there. I thought that maybe the knock was made to the others room so I closed the door again. I was about to lie down to bed when I heard another knock. I knew it was really our door so I hurriedly run to the door to check it on. I was surprised on what I saw when I open the door. Standing there was Baje, my college friend, holding small flowers that are really familiar to me. He told me the flowers are for me and for my room mates… That gesture that he made really touched me… Awwwww….
  • I have had a problem during my college days… I do not know to whom I can group my self to… I was really down during that time… my best friend Jake sensed it all… I know he already found a group to where he can belong that’s why I never bothered him… I was touched on the next thing that I heard from him… “ganito na lng Mel… try kitang isama sa group ko… pero pag di ka nila in-accept… aalis ako sa group nila… then kahit tayong dalawa na lng sa group… three.. tayo bale… sama natin si julie… kaya naman natin un kahit tayong dalawa lang…”… I just felt that Jake was really a true friend… I’m one of those bad times in my life and he was there to help me… Fortunately, Jake’s groupmates have accepted me in… They’ve become my barkada starting that sem… I think I should thank that event in my life that eventually lead me to having very good friends — Badet, Kathy, Cel, Janis, Roni and Bert.
  • I had discussed as I consider one my biggest problem to Jake.. I won’t discuss further details about it… But I would like to emphasize that I was really touched on how he gave me his brotherly advise and even told me that he’s going to knock my head on the wall if I do not listen to him… Jake had always been there for me. Good or bad. Even though I had this habit of always yelling at him when he was late for our meetings, he was still there for me. Jake and I’s friendship has always been there and I know that it will stay that way forever. 
  • Still during our Baguio trip… I noticed that Baje and Jake bought flowers. They went straight on their hotel room which is directly opposite our room together with my other room mates, while I went straight to our room to take a bath. When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Cel holding a white rose. I asked her “O, san galing yan?” She told me that it was from Jake and Baje. And then she commented that “Gusto ko nga ung red na malaki… kaya lng… sabi ni Jake.. sa iyo daw un eh…”.. I found it really touching then… Well… who wouldn’t?

Scents that made me remember…
  • Jergen’s soap – it reminds me of happy moments. 
  • Jovan for Men – reminds me of my Kuya Eric and Von… I remember my classmate Von wore this perfume during our High School Graduation
  • Aspen for Men – reminds me of Kuya Eric and my friend Lari
  • CK One – makes me remember Reimund
  • Polo Blue – reminds me of cousin Bongbong
  • Happy for Women – my ever loving Ate Eden..
  • Angel’s Breath – brings me back to my high school days

Things that makes me cry…
  • Drama movies and telenovelas… corny but true… hehehehe.. 
  • Excessive stress and anger
  • Excessive happiness
  • Touching scenes… I’m really “iyakin”… my friend Chubi said it doesn’t suit my personality
  • Richard Gere and Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman”
  • Julia Robert’s “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

Things that I hate..
  • Judgmental people.
  • People who can’t understand and cannot comprehend things.
  • Inconsiderate and insensitive people! Hate them the most! Arggghhhh…
  • Strong scents that triggers my migraine.
  • Afternoon sunlight. Ahhh… It’s gives me headache!
  • Irresponsible people.

The Law of the Garbage Truck

This is a repost from my previous FS blog  dated October 17, 2007.


Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, TAKE IT!
If it changes your life, LET IT!
Nobody said it would be easy...
They just promised it would be worth it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Grinch of V-Day

It's that year of the month... again! It's February and I started seeing hearts all over the place - strings of heart-shaped red colored papers hung on the cafeteria's ceiling, the heart-shaped cards on the book stands, the heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher and the heart designs on those Starbuck Coffee mugs. Aside from these mushy-mushy hearts, I think flowers and chocolates are already hitting the stands. Not to mention the endless bookings on those mushy-mushy restaurants - you know, cozy candelit dinners for two, with wine and all. I bet the marriage proposals will again be a fad! I guess it's the time of the year for jewellers selling engagement rings and all these mushy-mushy jewelries. Yeah! It's my word for the month ----- Mushy-mushy! Ha! Ha!

Well, I think to most of us - single and very much available ladies, without a "suitable" date on Valentine's Day, we opt or tend to:

  • Hope that after Feb. 13 it will be Feb 15 right away and forget that Feb 14 is there on the calendar! 
  • Special deliveries of those mushy flowers, mushy chocolates and mushy cards must be done in a very discrete way. By being discrete, I mean the it must be wrapped in a big, big box so that no single person can see its contents, so they can think it might be a stereo or a refrigerator or something. 
  • Be super sensitive. So I suggest that let there be a memorandum or something that says "Every 14th of February, PDA (Public Display of Affection) will not be allowed on public places. PDA's will include holding hands, holding hands while walking, hugging, kissing of all sorts and any other act that will make a SINGLE person OUT OF PLACE. We'll give sanctions to those who will fail to comply on this memorandum." Hah! :)

Well, yeah! That's me! Call me " The Grinch of V-Day"! Hahahaha! Kidding aside, although I want those three things above to happen every Valentine's, I feel that I'm not that selfish to wish everyone to skip Valentine's. Okay, I'm allowing the Feb 14 to happen and the deliveries, but I think the "No PDA" memorandum should be considered! Hehehehehe! :)

Sometimes, when you are single you tend you ask yourself, "Is there something wrong with me? Am I not that attractive?" and then you tend to focus on making yourself presentable so that you can be attractive to the opposite sex. And then comes the question, "Is being physically attractive gives you an edge to finding your partner in life? How about if you are not beautiful and sexy but you have a good heart? Wouldn't that be good enough?" I know that the physical thing comes first, I guess it triggers the attraction for the opposite sex, but it shouldn't end at that and I personally think that beauty must come last when you choose your partner in life. 

I guess when you come of age, you tend to realize what matters most in a relationship. Being surrounded by married couples and hearing their problems makes you realize that sometimes love's not enough to put the marriage into place. Love and trust and loyalty must be in the relationship and putting God between the center of all. I also learned that you need to treat your partner as a friend and should be free to tell him/her on whatever comes to your mind - A friend will tell me that this may not normally happen, but I think I just believe in the value of communication between two people. Trust should always be present to both parties in a relationship, as we know lack of trust may lead to fights and therefore might lead to losing your love for each other in the end. :(

Ahhh... these were the complications in life! I guess we all have problems of our own when it comes to relationships but maybe at different intensities. Going back to reality, I know those things won't happen. Valentine's will still be Valentine's and Feb 14 will always come after Feb 13, flower shops will proceed with their business of delivering flowers and the restaurants will serve their best candelit dinners, jewellers will still offer their "diamonds are forever" engagement rings, and couples will kiss and will hug and will give each other loving glances even with a memorandum or not. I guess I (we) just need to get used to it. At least until we find someone to spend our Valentine's with. :)


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