Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have been listening to this song since this morning.

This song brings me back to my college days - those moments of happiness, struggles and hardships. Missing old friends. Missing my university. Missing those sleepless nights studying for the OR exam and spending a few more sleepless nights waiting for the exam results. Missing those pancit canton, luncheon meat, tuna and ketchup moments with my college buddies. Missing those Monica Brava moments with Kathy. Missing Badette's apartment. Missing those plant visit and seminar days. Getting sentimental? Yup. I certainly am. Overall, I miss my friends and I miss those special moments with them.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aladdin's Lamp

Kung meron akong mapulot na magic lamp ng katulad ng kay Aladdin at magkakaron ako ng chance na matupad ang aking 3 wishes, I'll wish for...

1. To make me super dooper rich. Iyong tipong I won't even need work and make sawsaw with Napoles issue. Hehe. Seriously, para I can buy those Loubotin's, Mulberry, Hermes, Chanel bags, Cartier watch without even having to think. Haha. Buy lang ng buy without the guilt! Or iyong tipong I can buy a house in Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park and resthouse in Tagaytay for my family. Or even buy Pacquiao's mansion in US. Or ung tipong I can even sponsor a reunion with all the kamag-anaks on an out-of-the-country gala.. sa Europe kaya? Haha.
2. Sexiness that can last forever, with matching abs and 36-24-36 na vital stats. Haha. Sabi nga nila, kung hihiling ka. Mas specific, mas maganda!! Kaya specific talaga ito.. yan ang vital stats na gusto ko! :)
3. World peace! Hahaha. Pang-Miss U lang.

Kidding aside, if ever naglalakad-lakad ako at mapulot ko ang lampara ni Aladdin, simple lang naman naman ang hihilingin ko..
1. Good health for me, my family and friends.
2. Sense of contentment - para walang inggitan at awayan. Magiging happy ang lahat for what they have and be thankful for it. Syempre if happy and lahat.. bawas stress and you'll have a peaceful mind.
3. Somebody to love and who can love me in return. - Serious ito ano ba? :)

So nasaan na nga ba? Yoohoo! Genie where are you???

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chillax Night

Friday night is chillax night. We were at Gravity Bar in Carlton Hotel. I'm feeling quite adventurous and tried out those drinks that I just normally read through the pages of pocketbooks.

The Dirty Martini is a risk. The Daiquri is a win!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I conquer

Fear of heights. Fear on water. I have them alright. Heights makes my knees go weak. The sight of an expanse body of water makes my stomach sick. Oh, and I forgot! I'm also claustrophobic. So you can imagine what I felt when I tried out the Whirlpool and Spiral slides in Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa! A combination of sloshing water, waves, dark tubes and tunnels, heights! Doing that activity gave me a huge amount of sweat and palpitations! But hey! I was able to make it! Yay! I did my yearly dose of scare and adrenalin rush. No, I don't have any picture to share with you guys. Too bad my friends forgot to bring the cam to capture those very rare moments when I chose to throw out all my fears have fun! My friends were able to convince me to continue to conquer my fear and get an annual pass. So hopefully guys, I'll have a picture to post next time. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I miss...

.. mangga't bagoong.
.. the tilaoks of the manoks every morning.
.. the ingay of the kuligligs at night.
.. channel 7 and channel 5.
.. pandesal.
.. patis Tanza.
.. isaw.
.. lugaw, tokwa't baboy.
.. riding jeepneys and shouting "Para!" to the driver.
.. my Mamang's homemade meals..

I miss my Papang, Mamang, Ate Eden, Kuya Eric, Neneng and Tini.. :(
I'm missing home... :(

Random thoughts

Wala lang magawa. :)
  • I was intrigued by the posts that I read in FB this week having the "AMALAYER" thing on almost everyone's stat messages. Hah! Made me realized I'm way behind in terms of what's happening around me. 
  • Action movies are NOT my thing - I watched Skyfall last night with my housemates and Taken 2 a few weeks back. Ahhh... I feel that I am torturing myself - I cannot breathe properly. I am still palpitating even the movie was over. And worst, I feel nauseous. I liked watching horror movies more!
  • I had coffee this morning at a popular coffee shop. In their menu, there's something posted saying that vegetarianism is suitable for blood A type people. And type A people should eat more vegetables, carbohyrates and little meat. My reaction to this?? Whaaatttt? Little meat? Nooooo... 
  • I love eating meat. I feel like I'm a dinosaur at my past life! A carnivorous dino in this case! 
  • Weddings always makes me feel happy and weepy at the same time! I was browsing through FB and saw this post from Jason Magbanua's page - "ikaw ang leche plan at ube sa aking halo-halo, ang itlog sa aking tapsi at ang white sauce sa aking shawarma" together with a wonderful video of a simple but happy beach wedding in Bohol. Sweet!
  • I am not the girly girl type. Tama! Wala akong hilig sa mga kung anik-anik na kakikayan. Napapanisan ako ng lipstick at lipgloss. Nangangati ang mukha ko sa make-up. Hindi ako masyadong conscious kung anong itsura ko at kung nasa porma pa ba ang kilay ko. Skirt or pants? Pants! Dress or t-shirts? Ah, t-shirts! Blazer or jacket? Hmmnn.. Jacket! Doll shoes or rubber shoes? Rubber shoes! Kailangan ko bang magbago? Haaay... Huwag kayong ganyan.. In fairness sa akin, tinry ko naman.. kaya lang.. hindi ako nagtatagumpay.. hahahahhaha!! Nabubulok ang mga dress ko at heels dito sa bahay! Ang tingin ko lang na talagang indication na girlalu aketch eh ang pagkahilig ko sa bag at sa mga boys! Hahahahaha! :)
  • Wish ko lang kasingganda ng boses ni Adele ang boses ko para maka-100 ako sa videoke! 
  • Bakit ba ang tamad ko? 
  • Mahal ko talaga si Ser Chief! Sorry na Maya! Hahahahahah! 
  • Johnny Depp forever! 
  • Tulog sa maulang araw? Priceless!
  • Lumalaki na ang mga inaanak ko... Sana kapag kinasal ako, pwede pa silang maging ring bearers at flower girls! (Lord, pakidalian po sana ang pagbigay ng prince charming ko! :))
  • Hindi ako techie. Period.
  • Ang sarap ng crinkles.
  • Wish ko lang magaling akong magluto. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


Yup. MIA. That's me! When did I last posted an entry here? When was the last time the "writer's streak" kicked in? Well, it seems, it's not just me who's missing a whole lotta of blogging lately. Most of my favorite bloggers are taking their leaves of absences as well. Well, huh! That's no reason for me to forgot this! Yeah, maybe I'm a bit busy now - crazy busy that it! And a little bit lazy..... Okay okay.. maybe more than a little bit of lazy..  I'm doing more of FB, Instagramming and bonding with my Kindle lately. Yes! I'm guilty!

Guilty as is, I still can't find any valuable topic to write about - - - - -. I still have my snapshots of Batman that I haven't arranged yet. I have a couple of pending articles that I can't finish. Suddenly, I felt too raw and felt that I utterly lost my sense of writing. I feel that work is draining too much of my energy and my workdays are normally filled with exhausting hours answering emails and updating spreadsheets and answering critical issues involving deliveries to customers. With this, my weekends are normally spent sleeping and doing grocery shopping. I go and meet friends.... sometimes.. (if I feel like it. ;)) and have lunch, dinner or coffee with them. I am not the sporty time so sporty stuffs for me. :)

Okay... I can't write further.. My thoughts are incoherrent and it looks like I'm ranting and complaining.. Maybe, I'll post some pictures instead..

This is me and the man who turned me down... hahahaha... No just kidding! He's Herbie! My cool and beautiful (he's going to love this! :)) friend from college. We had coffee a few days after he came back from his HK vacation. The "sosyal" chocolate (La Maison Du Chocolat) is his pasalubong to me. :)

Lot of sleepless nights lately... I was advised to drink hot milk! I didn't know though if it worked or I was just too tired and stressed out (after several days with too little sleep) that I ended snoring (I think I snore!) a few minutes after sipping it.

I'm turning into a noodle maniac!

Burger Gangnam Style! Testing out a sandwich at Kraze Burgers in Marina Bay Sands.

 "Sing us a song your a piano BAT-man! Sing us a song tonight!" - this is Batman's pic together with the grand piano that I have assembled.

Answered prayers - God's answering my long time prayers! Thank you Lord! Thank you Mama Mary! Thank you Tata Osteng! :)



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