Friday, November 26, 2010

Bahala na si Batman!

I was entrusted to be the "keeper" of Batman - a tiny, black-all-over plastic action figure that also has a mole on top of his red lips similar to Angel Locsin.

Meet Batman!

I'll be travelling international for the first time - biz trip to Italy for several days. I'll be travelling alone and felt it would give me some comfort to have "someone" else around, "someone" to talk to in Tagalog and "someone" to protect me if there's any trouble.  Since I can't bring any "living" person with me during the trip to be that "someone", I decided to bring Batman along with me - no need for additional airfare plus he doesn't have to undergo the scrutiny and hardships of securing an Italian Visa. He would be my security blanket, thinking that if I ever get worried or scared during the trip, I'll just have to hold him tight while saying "Bahala na si Batman!" I took this photo of him to capture his preparations to his first would-be adventures on the land of spaghetti and biscotti.

Batman's prep for his trip to Milan

On the day of my trip and was finishing up packing my things, I grabbed for my bag and searched its contents.. OH MY GOD! WHERE IS BATMAN??? I've emptied my bag and even tumbled it over to really check if Batman is missing! OMG! HE CAN'T BE MISSING! I'm scared he fell-off my bag on my way home the other day. I called my other cubee to check out if Batman is sitting in my desk lounging around. I am really relieved to know that HE WAS THERE! But the unfortunate thing was, I cannot have him during my trip and I'll just be travelling alone. Ahh... That was his first MISSED ADVENTURE! All the things that I planned with him will be put to waste... like taking his pictures on his supposed to be first plane ride, of his first view of the clouds, while standing in front of the Vatican, while eating spaghetti, while walking the streets of Rome. Ahhh... Well... I guess he can have his first international travel some time next year... that is if I do not forget to bring him along with me.. Hehehehe..  


  1. sayang, eh di para siyang the traveling gnome... hehehe!!!

  2. korekness! hehehehe! sayang nga lng at naiwan sya... :(



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