Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Hairstyle, A Book and A Pair of Rubber Shoes

November 17, 2010

My sister and I decided to meet at the mall so that I can have a haircut and she - her normal root-tint-plus-haircut combo thing. I arrived the mall a few minutes before she did so I was able to grab a book entitled "aLiCe, i tHiNk" -which caught my attention. First, because of the loud, stabilo-like striking cover,

aLiCe, i tHiNk by Susan Juby

and second, because of the positive reviews on the front and back cover.

A Review From Meg Cabot, author of Princess Diaries

A Review from The Vancouver Sun

The book looks "happy" and "interesting"! Curiousness let me buy the book for Php39. And of course, I need to apply my own "Magic Rule" - Lower your expection or better yet don't expect anything at all! Again, as I quote Addie "Happiness is directly proportional to your expectation."

At the Salon:

Lady Hairdresser: Anong gupit po? (What haircut would you like to have?)
Me: Uhmmm... ung low maintenance.. ung hindi masyadong demanding... ung pwedeng hindi i-blower at ung hindi nagpa-fly away... ung maiksi at ung magmumukha akong payat...  (I want one that is low maintenance, no need to blow-dry, does not fly-away, short and a haircut that makes be look slimmer!) (Note: I need to describe what I want since they do not have any hairstyle magazines.)
Lady Hairdresser: Okay po. (Okay.)

And I gave her the full authority to cut my hair based on my vague description and I am A-OK with the result.

My New Hairdo!

While waiting for my sister to finish her salon thing, I picked up my new book and started to flip the pages. I started smiling on page 21 - it's actually the part where Alice - the lead character in the story, mentioned that she thinks that her calling is to be an Easter-egg painter. Heehehe.. What a girl! It sounds really exciting!

I'm still smiling when I dropped my head and caught the sight of my before-new-now-old, blue-and-gray Merrell rubber shoes. I remember getting remarks from a friend that it's "walang dating" and "oldies style". Sheesh! I prefer him telling me "classics" instead of "oldies style". Oh well, I really like them since they are really comfortable! So, the h*ll with "walang dating" remark!

My before-new-now-old, blue-and-gray Merrell rubber shoes

The haircut... The book.. The rubber shoes... It suddenly made me think that do these things really reflect their owners' personality? I choose the haircut style because I think it's practical - no fuss, worry-free and fly-away free hair. The book sounds fun and exciting and it's something new for me. The rubber shoes is a well-trusted Merrell that's really comfortable and I know it will not catch too much attention. Well, I guess part of them tell me how I am - practical, fun, exciting and does not want to get too much attention. :)

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