Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Weekend That Was: November 27-29, 2010

November 27, 2009

Agenda: Buy Christmas Party stuffs (heeled black shoes + stockings + cycling shorts)

I went to a place to buy a heeled black shoes. I will not buy an expensive one since I'm not a "high-heeled-shoes" girl (though I wanted to be one.. hehehehe!) The other Black Girls said boots are okay but then I am not a "these-boots-are-made-for-walking" girl as well. Why didn't I suggest to wear black rubber shoes instead? Hahahaha! Oh well, maybe it will not fit the costume that we have "collaborated" and "battled" for. :) Back again to the shoes... Well, I got to the place the Ate Luz told me and "bargained" with the salesladies.. I didn't get the shoes for the price that was initially "negotiated" by Ate Luz, however, I got no other choice since I knew that I cannot get a pair for lower than Php500 when I search the mall, so I purchased it anyway. I won't be posting the picture since it would be a spoiler. :) Shoes check! I need to hunt for the other two items in my agenda list. 

We were browsing the "tiangge" stalls and was able to find a cycling shorts. Again, I do not need to purchase an expensive one since I'm not a "gym addict" type and not a "skirt" gal as well, so I settled for a PhP35 cycling shorts. If it rips out, I wish it would happen after we finish our "last" dance performance. Hehehe.. Cycling shorts check! 

That leaves me one thing left on my agenda list... that's the stockings... I went to a department store to find a part of fishnet pantyhose. When I asked the saleslady, "Ate meron ba kayo ung fishnet?" (Do you have fishnet stockings) The saleslady replied, "Opo Ma'am! Ano pong gusto niyo ung maliliit or malalaki ung butas?" (Yes, we do have it here. Do you want the ones with the smaller holes? Or the ones with the bigger holes?) OH MY GOD! I panicked! I'm not going to pretend that I didn't!  Smaller and bigger holes? Me ganown? What to choose? Dilemma! I fumbled for my cellphone and texted Curly Tops if she has any idea on what should I buy. Unfortunately, CT's phone is on silent mode. Sheesh! I need to choose all by myself! Small or big ones? Okay, Big holes it is! Wheew! 

Other activities: 

  • I went back to the doctor for the follow-up check-up on my Corneal Abrasion condition in my eyes. And he said, my eyes are already okay. Although, he mentioned that when I wear the contacts again, I need to wear a "new" one or have the old one "cleaned up" (that means asking them to be boiled/sterilized on some "eye" shops). Gee! That means I need to wait for my new pair of contacts then, that will be available after a week or two (the most). If I haven't got the new pair by Friday next week, I will need to wear my old contacts for the Christmas Party on Saturday. 
  • Went to the bazaar to check out for some clothes and brought home a new pair of jeans. I haven't seen any good buy for a top though. Maybe I'll just drop by after a few days to check again. 
  • On the way home, I have seen my third-year high school adviser. I'm glad that she was able to remember me and the "econogames" project that I did for her subject back then. She asked how's my "boyfriend" (she's referring to my HS BF) and when I told her that he already has a wife and a kid. She asked further "Ga'no na kayo katagal wala?" I replied, "Uhmm.. Sobrang tagal na po... " hoping that she would not ask further. My sister is with me and is hearing the whole thing. I don't want to hold the topic about the BF stuff longer since my sister did not know that I did have one. Hehehehe.. One skeleton in the closet peeked out... Hehehehe!

November 28, 2010

I woke up later that usual since I need to complete the 8-hr sleep in order to have my eyes checked, this time by an optometrist for a new pair of contacts and for a new pair of glasses as well. 

The first eye shop that we went to says that they do not have the apparatus needed to get my eyes' grades since I'm using "toric" contacts. So we went to another shop instead. When we got there, we are greeted by a kind-of-creepy optometrist (not smiling, not frowning, pokerfaced, monotonous voiced and has robot-like movements). I do not want to mess up with her so I scooted after her and go on with the eye check-up, etc. After the assessment of the payment for my new pair of contact, new eyeglass frame and lenses, I was shocked when I found out about the total price! It will eat up a huge chunk off my 13th month (less tax), but nevertheless I needed them. Ahhh.... So now, I'm really having doubts of buying myself that Kindle. :( :( :( By the way, as expected my eye grades and astigmatism were higher. What's new anyway? I didn't remember my eye grades dropping even a .25 value. Sheesh! 

My sister and I walked around the people-crowded aisles of SM and were really exhausted afterwards. I got myself a new Nora Roberts' book (from Book Sale). I got dizzy because of lots of people's and lots and lots of movements. My head started to hurt and I felt a migraine will start soon. I popped my ever trusted friend  - Dolfenal and the pain went away. I can sleep late now since I'm done with the eye check-up... time to update myself to my other social networking sites and the other blogs that I'm following plus I need to check how many pageviews I now have in my blogsite. Hehehee... I guess it already hit 700+.. I'm looking forward to the 1,000th view. :) I'm becoming addicted to this whole blogging thing! :)

November 29, 2010
Monday - Holiday (swapped with Nov 30)

Time to rest! As you see, I have "hectic" schedules this weekend. I wonder if I have a more hectic schedule that Kim Chiu. Heheheeh! I think not! Well, I stayed at home taking care of household chores - cooking lunch,  doing the laundry, washing the dishes, hanging the clothes to dry, checking the clothes from time to time to check if they are already dry (sorry... this is pure OC of me... aligning the clothes for proper sunlight exposure), cooking  fried chicken for dinner... Wow! Now, I'm wondering... Aren't I supposed to be resting?? Well, the good thing about this day was that I already started reading my new Nora Roberts' book. I am starting to think of another act for my Batman Adventure series but I got nothing on my mind now. Hehehe! 


  1. sorry I wasn't there to help you answer that very difficult question... hehehe!! i guess it won't matter, as long as the stockings fit our voluptuous bodies!! LOL!!! at least you're done with the shopping... me, i haven't even started! ugh!!

  2. hey CT! yup.. ayos lang... at least sinabi naman nung saleslady na mas maluwag daw ung mas malalaki ung butas.. so un na lng din kinuha ko... hehehehe... yup! buti na lng tapos na ko... heheheh... keri pa yan may time ka pa to shop.. :)



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