Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've written a couple of articles related to my close friends' birthdays. So I guess, it will be fun to write another entry for one of my very close friends in high school - Olimc. 

We were classmates from first year to fourth year high school but we didn't got close until our late high school days. We even got closer when we started attending college and before we know it there's a trio of us already - Emme, me and Camilo. Emme and I are fond of calling him Olimcdo. 

December 22 is always a day to remember not just for us but I guess for the rest of our class. It's because it's Camilo's special day and we had a tradition of celebrating it every year. I remember that Olimc always requested us to arrive ahead of time so that we can be there to help him pick his clothes and everything. I remembered one time I even ironed out his shirt. :) I can still remember those times when Emme and I used to help Nana wash the dishes. :( (We miss you Nana!  :(:(:()

Olimcdo is such a reliable buddy. He's the kind of person whom you can tell everything. These past few years, we are not celebrating his birthday as we used to be, however the spirit and the memories that were brought about by the past December 22's will always be with us! That's for sure! :) 

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIMCDO! Hopefully, we can celebrate your birthday when you get back here in the Philippines. :) Sana next year na! Me and Emme miss you so much! XOXO! :)

Emme, Melai and Camilo  (Super luma na ung pic.. payat pa tayo dito! hehehee!)

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