Thursday, January 27, 2011

BOY Meeting With BFF

My BFF Emme and I were supposed to meet late last year, however, due to our hectic vacation schedules - you know doing all the sleeping and malling.. hehehe... we were only able to meet January 2. Yup! A day before we go back to work.. This is a late post.. obviously... Hehehehe...

It's our beginning-of-year meet, we meet mid-morning so we can spend more hours together. I got my hair done first because I think I already need a trim. Actually, my original hairstylists are not there so I had to have my hair done by another stylist - my first major risk-taking effort for the year! I ended up having a much shorter bangs than I used to have. Anyways, it's no use to blubber all about that, I am fixing it up now using a hair clip. :) 

I'm in-charged of  "where to eat" place because I'm more experimental than Emme in this kind of thing. :) I asked her if she wanted Japanese or Italian. She said she doesn't want to eat in a shabu-shabu place, so I guess we're left to have lunch at Joey Pepperoni. Sorry, we weren't able to take a pic of the food but the mushroom soup and the barbecued pork with rice are okay. :) 

Then, window shopping... some window shopping.. and some more window shopping... 

We also went to several book stores to see the latest releases and take note of the titles so that we can check if we can download pdf copies in the internet. Hehehehe... While going to another table to check on the books on sale, I passed by a shelf and saw some cute stenos. :) I got to have the blue one and BFF chose the steno with "a lady with a side swept bangs" design telling me that she will always remember me while she looked at the notepad that I gave her, thinking about my short sideswept bangs and my first risk taking effort for 2011! (@_@) By the way, Emme gave me a gift so the steno serves as my gift to her... Heheheeh... That's purely Emme - thoughtful. And that's purely me - a person with memory loss! Ha ha ha! :)

I got to have the blue one and BFF chose the steno with "a lady with a side swept bangs" design.

Then, we went to Book Sale to check for some cheap finds. Emme decided to pick a romance novel, I can't remember well who the author was but I think it has a blue cover. :) I bought two books with different authors - it's actually part of my goal for the year! To take more risks when it comes to book choices and not just limit my reading to those with romantic themes. I got one Danielle Steel and one Shirley Jump. I haven't started reading the Danielle Steel book, but I was delighted after reading Shirley Jump's "The Angel Craved Lobster" - it's a light story plus it has these cool recipes that goes with each chapter! :)

"Once in a Lifetime" by Danielle Steel and "The Angel Craved Lobster" by Shirley Jump

After the book quest, Emme and I decided to have coffee and went to another mall for a Starbucks treat! :)

Doughnuts and Coffee

BFF's emote moment! Hehe!

This is me with my "short side swept bangs".

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