Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I should have posted this on Christmas eve, when every child in town force to keep their eyes open while waiting for Santa to deliver his gifts. However, I thought how "grinch" of me to do that... Hehehehe.. Let the children think that there's really a "big-guy-in-his-big-red-suit-with-a-big-sack-and-a-big-ho-ho".. In my case, I believed it for 10 or 11 years??? I don't remember my exact age that time but I do remember "Santa's gift" that year... 

It's a sewing machine! I remember I screamed when I opened the gift because it was the one the I wished for.. and I guess I earned it because I've been a good kid for the entire year... Hhehehehe... Then, I remember my Papang putting the batteries and handing it to me to play with... When I tried pushing the pedal with my hand...  No movement. I pressed the pedal again... same thing.. No reaction from my new sewing machine! I went to my Mamang teary-eyed saying.... "Ma, sira ung bigay ni Santa... Ayaw gumana!". (Ma, Santa's gift to me is not working...) Mamang said "Ganun ba? Teka papalitan ko yan mamya sa palengke!" (Okay, let me go back to market to replace it!)

Ooppsss... My brain gears started working... "Hmmmnn... Palengke?? Palengke?? Dun na ba ang shop ni Santa?" (Hmmm... Market place? Is that the place where Santa made his toys?) Then, that's it! I knew from then that Santa is not real. Hahahahaha! Well, I guess, I'm still a good girl after all, I didn't post this until past Christmas... Hehehehe... Hey! Don't I deserve a gift??? :)

For all of you... This is it! My old toy sewing machine! This was not that original one because it was replaced by my mom in the place where she bought it! Good thing, my mother was able to keep it. :)

Meet Jenny! My old toy sewing machine! This is the last gift from errr... Santa that I received! :)
This sewing box is part of the Santa's gift.. Heheheehe.. 
When I opened the sewing box, I tried to smell it just like how I used to do it way back 18 or 19 years ago.. Unlike before it doesn't smell the "bago" smell... but doing that makes me smile... I digged in and found out some of my "treasures" during that time... Old pieces of cloths with stitches that made me realize that I do not have any talent in sewing eversince! Hahahahha! Old buttons. An old ribbon. A Polo (the mint with a hole) wrapper. And the most amazing of them all --- a Bazooka bubblegum wrapper!

My treasures!


  1. i remember believing in Santa and his reindeers!! me and my playmates before pretend that we can actually see them! LOL!

  2. hehehehe... are you and your playmates looking at the moon seeing santa with his sled and reindeers? hehehehe... i think my cousins and I used to do that too... ;)

  3. mel, you know what, since last week, I've been itching to find sewing materials and I regret parting with my high school sewing stuff because it has all pretty threads, needles and accessories! Now all i can see in the market are China threads and needles which rust after some time. I envy you still have these things with you!



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