Friday, March 18, 2011

You Made Me Live Again

I was down and out and feelin' so low
You took my hand and eased my mind
I was astray you showed me the way
And now I finally found my home in you

I still recall the times I've been through
Confused and I didn't know what to do
I almost gave up but you gave me hope
You've made me strong as the days went on
You made me live again

To those of you who know, yes, exactly! The above lines are excerpts from the song "You Made Me Live Again". And I'll say "No." to those of you who'll ask me if I'm dedicating the song to SOMEONE. Well, I'll love to have one to dedicate it with though. But unfortunately it's just the plain song that we are going to discuss and will not be related to any mushy-mushy thought. Sorry for those that are following my LOVElife... I'm really sorry to disappoint you guys! Ha ha ha!

Well, it's actually a song that became memorable since last night. Hahaha! It's because I scored 100% in videoke! HA HA HA! Imagine me laughing with wide open mouth to the point that you can see my tonsils moving from left to right! Yah! That really made me happy and fulfilled! :) Up to this point, I really don't care of the viedoke's scoring system criteria, it's enough that I got a perfect score! Hahaha! Considering that I only limit my singing to the bathroom walls with the shampoo bottles and bar soaps as my audience. It made me feel like a singer.. really!

I can't recall the last time that I sung in front of the crowd.. Singing wasn 't my thing.. I mean I love singing but it's quite obvious that singing is not that fond of me...  It took some time before I sung in front of my officemates.. No, I wasn't like this when I'm still a kid. I remember myself singing while my aunt record my version of "Bituing Walang Ningning". I remember myself singing without considering the other people's impression or in that matter their sense of hearing. I started becoming conscious of my "voice" when I was in high school. Then I remember myself being shy singing in front of anybody and this time stretch until some time yesterday. Aside from being conscious of my voice perse, I feel like I do not have any courage since singing could damage my reputation. Hahahaha!

Well, I guess it's nice to be free and wild sometime! It's one of my biggest risk taking move for this year. :) I do hope that I can always be that "unconscious" little girl that I once was. :)


  1. omg, you are just so cute i want to pinch your little cheeks. I love the drifting hearts on your page btw. As for the singing, i am so glad you got a perfect score, perhaps this will be the beginning of a new and wonderful hobby for you because i know you are not the same shy girl ygou once were :)

  2. thanks! yes, i suppose i can sing more often in public now.. hahahaha! btw, i love the hears too.. :)



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