Thursday, April 7, 2011

6Y 5M 27D

There are some things in life that you just have no control of. Things like saying goodbye and moving on.. :(

March 25, 2011, Friday, after 6yrs 5mos and 27days, I got to say goodbye to the place where I literally grow up, to where I met my very good friends. It hurts me to think that I won't be seeing some of my breakfast buddies anymore, however, unfortunate event happens and I guess at this point, I do not have any option but to move on.

I was doing my final 5S when I saw some important things that became part of my life. I know I need to let go of them but still I wanted to make sure that I got something to remember them by so I took my ever trusted Nokia 5610d-1 and took some pics.

Old email printout from my first NPI PE, an MDR slip, copy of Guide to WS functions, and  a sample 2D label for 32M CF

The notes that I have collected through the years..

Some Intel and Numonyx stuffs
Some manual and training materials for SPEED, Stacked Naming Guidelines, Std Engg ID's, and Automated Shipping Memo

It feels good to know that I got recognized once in a while..
These are my "Cheatsheets" for my products

My JTP dated 2004 :)

Some chocolate wrappers from my counterparts

I'm gonna miss my messy cube! :(

..the 2x a day stretching chime :(

I'm going to miss seeing the names on our cubicles.. I was the last one to move out.. :(

And most of all I'm going to miss all of those people that I once worked with,,  :(

However impossible it is, I wanted to make time stood still... maybe even turn it back to those happy times... but then again however I wanted for things to stay as they are, they can't. They just can't. The least that I can do is move on and hope that I can see some of my friends again... But for now, maybe I can just hold on to the memories.. the happy ones.. and be happy with it...

This is Melanie Salazar. Signing off... :(


  1. You're so cute! Stay friends with the people you met there once you've moved on - I've made some very good friends of former co-workers :)



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