Monday, September 17, 2012


Yup. MIA. That's me! When did I last posted an entry here? When was the last time the "writer's streak" kicked in? Well, it seems, it's not just me who's missing a whole lotta of blogging lately. Most of my favorite bloggers are taking their leaves of absences as well. Well, huh! That's no reason for me to forgot this! Yeah, maybe I'm a bit busy now - crazy busy that it! And a little bit lazy..... Okay okay.. maybe more than a little bit of lazy..  I'm doing more of FB, Instagramming and bonding with my Kindle lately. Yes! I'm guilty!

Guilty as is, I still can't find any valuable topic to write about - - - - -. I still have my snapshots of Batman that I haven't arranged yet. I have a couple of pending articles that I can't finish. Suddenly, I felt too raw and felt that I utterly lost my sense of writing. I feel that work is draining too much of my energy and my workdays are normally filled with exhausting hours answering emails and updating spreadsheets and answering critical issues involving deliveries to customers. With this, my weekends are normally spent sleeping and doing grocery shopping. I go and meet friends.... sometimes.. (if I feel like it. ;)) and have lunch, dinner or coffee with them. I am not the sporty time so sporty stuffs for me. :)

Okay... I can't write further.. My thoughts are incoherrent and it looks like I'm ranting and complaining.. Maybe, I'll post some pictures instead..

This is me and the man who turned me down... hahahaha... No just kidding! He's Herbie! My cool and beautiful (he's going to love this! :)) friend from college. We had coffee a few days after he came back from his HK vacation. The "sosyal" chocolate (La Maison Du Chocolat) is his pasalubong to me. :)

Lot of sleepless nights lately... I was advised to drink hot milk! I didn't know though if it worked or I was just too tired and stressed out (after several days with too little sleep) that I ended snoring (I think I snore!) a few minutes after sipping it.

I'm turning into a noodle maniac!

Burger Gangnam Style! Testing out a sandwich at Kraze Burgers in Marina Bay Sands.

 "Sing us a song your a piano BAT-man! Sing us a song tonight!" - this is Batman's pic together with the grand piano that I have assembled.

Answered prayers - God's answering my long time prayers! Thank you Lord! Thank you Mama Mary! Thank you Tata Osteng! :)


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