Sunday, May 26, 2013

I conquer

Fear of heights. Fear on water. I have them alright. Heights makes my knees go weak. The sight of an expanse body of water makes my stomach sick. Oh, and I forgot! I'm also claustrophobic. So you can imagine what I felt when I tried out the Whirlpool and Spiral slides in Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa! A combination of sloshing water, waves, dark tubes and tunnels, heights! Doing that activity gave me a huge amount of sweat and palpitations! But hey! I was able to make it! Yay! I did my yearly dose of scare and adrenalin rush. No, I don't have any picture to share with you guys. Too bad my friends forgot to bring the cam to capture those very rare moments when I chose to throw out all my fears have fun! My friends were able to convince me to continue to conquer my fear and get an annual pass. So hopefully guys, I'll have a picture to post next time. :)

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