Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aladdin's Lamp

Kung meron akong mapulot na magic lamp ng katulad ng kay Aladdin at magkakaron ako ng chance na matupad ang aking 3 wishes, I'll wish for...

1. To make me super dooper rich. Iyong tipong I won't even need work and make sawsaw with Napoles issue. Hehe. Seriously, para I can buy those Loubotin's, Mulberry, Hermes, Chanel bags, Cartier watch without even having to think. Haha. Buy lang ng buy without the guilt! Or iyong tipong I can buy a house in Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park and resthouse in Tagaytay for my family. Or even buy Pacquiao's mansion in US. Or ung tipong I can even sponsor a reunion with all the kamag-anaks on an out-of-the-country gala.. sa Europe kaya? Haha.
2. Sexiness that can last forever, with matching abs and 36-24-36 na vital stats. Haha. Sabi nga nila, kung hihiling ka. Mas specific, mas maganda!! Kaya specific talaga ito.. yan ang vital stats na gusto ko! :)
3. World peace! Hahaha. Pang-Miss U lang.

Kidding aside, if ever naglalakad-lakad ako at mapulot ko ang lampara ni Aladdin, simple lang naman naman ang hihilingin ko..
1. Good health for me, my family and friends.
2. Sense of contentment - para walang inggitan at awayan. Magiging happy ang lahat for what they have and be thankful for it. Syempre if happy and lahat.. bawas stress and you'll have a peaceful mind.
3. Somebody to love and who can love me in return. - Serious ito ano ba? :)

So nasaan na nga ba? Yoohoo! Genie where are you???

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