Thursday, May 20, 2010

What The Heck!

I am continually missing documenting those relevant events in my life or if I did posted them it normally was days, weeks or even months delayed. And then suddenly I just realized that I have too many reasons for doing so - some valid and most (in my opinion and deep thinking) are not!

  • Being too busy! - busy with work, with FB, with surfing the net, for tuning in to Melason fanpage (fine! I'm the jologs type!), for watching AI performances in YouTube in repetitive instances. Darn! Everybody's busy! Why not make a change and leave some time for my self to vent! Everybody needs to? Right?
  • Being too emotional over a thing that just recently happened. - Well, the writer's current emotion affects his/her work. Why? Because I think emotion affects everyone's reaction to things or situations. I opted NOT to write anything - mostly if I'm angry, since I tended to be violent with words, just like how a painter can affect the mood in his canvass. (I tell you, I write better when I'm mad and I've written one in full straight english!) But then, I just realized that, "So what?? It's my blog and it's a reflection of what I feel.. It would definitely take or maybe lessen the intensity of my blog's content if I am feeling otherwise..." Of course, I will still continue to believe in responsible blogging though.
  • Being the perfectionist and OC that I am! - Is being OC/perfectionist good or bad? Too much care on details and stuff (fonts, spacing, picture detailing, picture sizes, caps. God! I do not even decide what would be my "permanent" template for my multiply site... Geez!) My OC-ness and the perfectionist in me, as I noticed is hindering me to post my thoughts as soon as I have them. Since I want every post to be perfect and all, I tend to do them longer and most of the times, thinking that I'll be doing it longer makes me to delay writing them or worst, totally forgetting about writing about them. 
  • Grammar conscious. - The usual. Related to being the perfectionist that I am. I'm doing edits and even re-edits, mostly if I saw the need for emphasis (using bold fonts and underline), misspelled words, capitalization, and other "good to have" stuffs. 
  • Language preference. - If I were to choose, of course I do want to blog I want to blog in straight English. But then, I think and decided that I'll be writing my entries based on what language I feel to use during the time that I have the urge to write (Tagalog, English, French or Italian?? how I wish! hahahaha!).

Then, I just told myself after all the realizations, "What the heck! I'm blogging because I love doing it and because I love to keep track of every important and not-so-important things in my life. To hell with perfection , with grammar, with being too much into details (though I know I will really be struggling not to do this!). I'm going to write!"


  1. It's my blog and it's a reflection of what I feel.. It would definitely take or maybe lessen the intensity of my blog's content if I am feeling otherwise..."

    for this my rule of thumb is to "be Different" that sets you apart from all the other writers :-)

  2. true roch! and I think i am different.. hehehe.. :)



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