Friday, October 22, 2010

29 Things About Emme

If there's somebody from high school who I always keep in touch, it's Emme. We really are just "normal" friends during our high school days but our friendship blossomed when we were in college. We would bump into each other at the FX Terminal near Letran in Lawton, Rode the van together with Von and Marvin - who are both studying in Mapua during that time. We normally attend events together like HS get-togethers and Camilo's birthday party. Up to this day we still meet up once in a while, go food tripping, shopping, watching chick flicks and "jologs" movies, going to massage, having foot spa and pedicure, giggling like kids while eating "iskrambol" at the mall, the weirdest thing -  eating siomai while drinking coffee, it's a super duper weird combination but who cares?

Today marks Emme's 29th birthday! I am definitely hoping for a Sundae McDo treat from her anytime soon. I texted her last night a few minutes away from her very special day and even greeted her in FB..

Text Messages:
Me: Haler emm! Ilang minuto n lng at magbebertdey k n.. Hehe.. Happy happy bday emms! Mwah! Wishin u happiness and w0rld peace! Haha!
Emme: Haha,thanks,natawa ako dun ah,world peace,gusto ko un.hehe.
Me: Hehe. Syempre! Pang beauty queen ang sg0t n un.. Feeling k0 kung major major world peace ang cnagot ni Venus raj, ngwagi ang l0la m0! Hehe.
Emme: Tama!hehe.

FB Greeting:
haller emme! as always, another year passed and more experiences (good or bad) came in... well.. whatever it is.. i know that it had made you a better person.. :)

more than wishing you a happy birthday... you know (just as I texted you last night) that I want you to have all the happiness that you can get.. and you know... major, major world peace! hahahaha! :) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMME! Be happy always and more blessings (syempre.. included na ang MEN... especially MEN..) to come... TAKE CARE ALWAYS! Love yah! Mwahh! :)

Something Special
Still, I am not contented in the greetings. I hope I can give Emme something "special" for her birthday. So I decided to go for giving her some of the things about her that I remember.. and hope it makes up to 29! 

1. We are born on the same month - October. 
2. She's a loving ninang and aunt to your pamangkins. Taking care of them and being there for their birthdays.
3. She looks good in dresses and I envy you for that! Hmmppff!
4. She also looks awesome in haltered blouses! Another envy point! Hehehee...
5. She's are a responsible daughter and individual, taking a choice between your dream car and remodeling of the house. As expected you chose the latter which proves of how unselfish you were.
6. She's honest.
7. She's open-minded. 
8. She's loving and unselfish when it comes to matters of the heart.
9. She's attracted to guys who are matalino. Matalino! Period!
10. She's fun to be with. 
11. She's an excellent company for food trips.. when we go out we always go for foods... from kebabs to seafoods to coffee to ice cream to street foods.
12. She loves to blog/write as well.
13. She's a good listener.. and never gets tired of hearing me shout or whine..
14. She's patient.. Patience is a virtue.
15. She's kind.. Love is patient. Love is kind. 
16. She's strong-willed. 
17. She's a fighter. A warrior! 
18. She loves window shopping.. just like me..
19. She's thoughtful. I remember her Mickey Mouse shirt pasalubong for me during her trip to Disneyland HK, and the bracelet during her Puerto Galera escapades.
20. I remember her having an allergy during her first henna tattoo.
21. I remember the van experience with her, and Marvin and Von, when we are seated back-to-back with the driver. We are giggling with laughter because Marvin is getting dizzy all the way during the trip back. To make matters worst for Marvin, we are making vomit noises to make him dizzier. Hehehehe..
22. The time when we attended the TNCHS reunion was a phenomenon. We went there together, LATE and NOT WEARING THE BATCH T-SHIRT! Total pasaways! Hehehe..
23. She's fun to chat with. I can discuss anything to her, from food, books, to boys.. okay... we're grown-ups.. so it's men.. 
24. She introduced me And I'll forever be thankful to her! 
25. She loves books. Just like me. She goes for McNaught and influenced me to read as well.. and with that I'll be forever grateful to her..
26. We agreed to became part of each other's entourage. Oh well, who'll be the first between us is still TBD! Hehehe..
27. We defend each other. Most especially if the boys (they are from HS so they are still boys to me and will forever be boys in my line of thinking.. hehehehe) are bullying us. 
28. The thing why we do not go to HS get together's is that we have been "spectators" of some "walk out" thing way back and that spoiled the fun part of the activity. 
29. I love her in whatever way she is. I think even after several more years and we have wrinkles, you will still be Emme... 


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