Friday, October 22, 2010

The Search Is Over

Before you guys think of "somebody" in relation to my first entry title, I just wanted you to know that it's not what you think it is. I'm referring to the new blogsite and name for my blog. Hehehe.. 

The search FOR THE NEW BLOGSITE is over. 
I finally decided to move to Blogger for my blogs' personal abode. I started blogging in Friendster. For some reason I got tired of it since I'm limited in changing the themes... Then I switched to using Multiply. I did make many posts there (in fairness to me.. hehehe..). However, the need to "settle down" takes place (hehehe..) and that puts the quest to finding a permanent residence for my entries.. and voila! Blogger it is! 

The search FOR MY NEW BLOG NAME is over too.
After the decision for the hopefully "final" blogsite, the next quest is to have a new blog name! On a Tuesday morning, I asked Addie - my close friend and kumare, to scout for a name that I can use since we know her to have a "gift" in making words come to life. My criteria is that something that's "me" whether it was "sosi" or "jologs". Within minutes she already gave me several possible options! Have I told you she was a real genius? (Naks!

  • Lapis at Papel - This is related to the song "Mabuti Pa Sila" that we went "gaga" over last week
  • Isda at Dyaryo - Still related to the some "Mabuti Pa Sila"
  • Tick Tack @ 30 - Well... Well... Never mind.. Let the reason be a secret between Addie and me..
  • Kalamay Addict - This is kind of reverse! Addie knows I hate kalamays! Hmmpfff.. 
  • Forbidden Heels - I love heels... but I cannot were them often. Period.
  • Dragonfly in a Shuttle - I normally were my "tutubi" sunglasses on our way home to the shuttle.. I suggested why not "Jollibee in the Shuttle" but Addie said it's too obvious.. 

Oh well, I initially decided to go after "forbidden heels" since it sounded mysterious and kind of "sosi".. but then I was bothered that being "sosi" isn't me after all... and decided to go for KALAMAY ADDICT instead... and then I am satisfied... It's something that I am not but it's something that I got to remember well... and it definitely has a "star factor" effect... plus I love it because it shows how much Addie knows me.


  1. hi melai! welcome to blogger! I've been here for 5 years already, I've been leaving and coming back but this is really my first space! Btw, I linked you back in my site:

    :-)Happy blogging!



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