Friday, November 12, 2010

The Artist In Me: Coffee, Tea or Me?

Coffee, tea or me? Such an enticing offer right? Well, I am not offering any coffee or tea, much more offering myself... for now.. Take note, for now... Hahahaha! Oh well, I was looking at one of my new fave blogsites and in a few clicks I was able to find this very "interesting" painting with the artist's interpretation of "Coffee, Tea or Me?" . I know it's kind of "odd" for me to post it and I know it would definitely put a "big question mark" my friends' faces. But well, however "scandalous" it might look like, an art is still an art. And I appreciate art very well.

"Coffee, Tea or Me?"


  1. hopefully when I do ask this question to a guy, he better choose "ME"!! Hahaha!! =)

  2. hey lex! yup! hopefully whoever that guys is he must choose "ME".. hahahahah! :)



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