Friday, November 12, 2010

A Different Me.. Hopefully...

We were practicing our "dance presentation" for quite some time now and in order for the rest of us to memorize the steps, our choreographer recorded a video of us "dancing". Two things that I observed while I am watching the video - First, I am not a dance diva. I can follow the steps but I certainly lack the sort of "gracefulness" that one needs in ordered to be called one. And second, I look like a giant marshmallow or a jiggling jell-o! Ahhh! Why do I have to watch that darn video? It kind of make me feel "so conscious" of how I look like when I'm dancing (which is not that bad but not that good either! Sigh!) and it made me "so very conscious" of how I look. I mean, I know that I was kind of chubby! Oh well! Great! After watching the video I now considered myself F-A-T or as we normally joked  - a dinosaur or an elephant! I remember my older brother telling me that I looked like a giant exclamation point but I ignored him because he normally teases me. I know I'm being harsh to myself, but it's exactly what I think of "me" after I looked on that dance video. 

Reality bites but it made me think that I need to start doing something now! As in NOW! I need to have a strict diet and have lots of workouts that can make me trim any excess kilograms. I know it's kind of hard since "diet" makes me think that I am depriving myself the food that I can afford to eat and workouts bore me to death! I know it's hard (maybe harder for me than anybody else) but I've got to try at least! Less food intake and exhaustion may mean a lower level of sanity for my part but with practice I think I can get used to that! It will be worth the try! A different me... physically!

I need to think positive! Think positive! Think positive! (I am thinking that now!) And always look on the bright side of things. I need to lose weight because it might make me vulnerable to having any heart-related ailments, hypertension and all sorts of illness that can lead to extinction. And in order to do that I need to focus! Focus! Focus! Focus! I think I need to have this embedded to my brain from now on:
Less food intake. Eat moderately. Watch what you eat.  
Drink water - gallons of it.
As much as I hate it, I need to perspire! Work-out!
Think of those girly dresses that you can wear when you go "there" and the sexy shoes! (@_@)
No pain, no gain!
I can do it! Aja!


  1. that is a good start, having a motivation. altho again, think that it took you years to gain that weight, and it just might take you the same number of years to lose it again, the natural way. :)

    problem ko rin yan, i know i need to lose the excess weight, but don't have the discipline to execute. hehe!! kaya natin yan te!

  2. hello CT (stands for Curly Tops.. hehehe), yah! i do hope i can, we can, do it... well hopefully! hehehehe! ;)



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