Friday, November 5, 2010

The Artist in Me: Confusion

I am waiting for that moment to come. Nervousness and anticipation. When that moment came, I am happy. I knew that my prayers and birthday wish to Mama Mary were granted. Then it became "I "was" happy and a little sad". And now I am quite afraid as well. 

On this new chapter in my life, I am confused and unsure of what will happen next. Will I be making the right decision? Will I be contented? Will I be successful? And most of all, will I be happy? Again, confusion. 

My hands began to work and start searching for the Paint section in my computer and clicked on a clear "canvass". Then my hands started to work, letting myself choose the colors that I want to spray on the blank "canvass" based on how I feel. When I got the colors blended, I found myself wanting more. Then I choose to play around until I was contented and felt my heart said "It's fine! You're done!". This time, I let my OC-ness skip and say to hell with lines and balance (which I normally aim for) and just let myself go with the flow. 

Here's the extent of how I feel today and I am calling it "Confusion"

Confusion by Melai 11/05/2010 2:11PM

I am the kind of person who believes that "Everything happens for a reason" and I know that this new chapter in my life will be (i hope it will definitely be) exciting and fun. 

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