Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Kalamay Addict Meets Forbidden Heels

This is really great! I am browsing Google to search for a new template and I was able to tumble on a design that I think would look great if I decided to chose "Forbidden Heels" for my blog name. I do like the design very much, though some of my colleagues think that it's not me because of the girly-pinkish theme. Hehehehe.. It's not "homey" like the one that I previously used with pictures hanging anywhere and a brownish-woodish style, but I would like to try it though for some time and see if it feels right. It's like Kalamay Addict meets Forbidden Heels - a mere contrast of jologs and sosi.


  1. well ako...tingin ko bagay din sayo new theme ng blogspot mo...kasi I picture out OCzzzinesss :)so swak pa rin:)

  2. thanks mare! i'll try it for a while.. hehehe.. ;)



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