Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Artist in Me: L'etoile

Last weekend, while watching our neighbors' kids play, I imagined myself together with my cousins when we were still young. Playing all sort of games that we chose for that particular time. We normally sleep together for the afternoon naps and then eat our meriendas afterwards. Ahh.. I really miss those days... Those days when you can just play around all you want and eat as much candies and chocolates as you like.. Dance and bathe in the rain and play water games... Carelessly goofing around without thinking that about how you would look in the pictures afterwards.. I really miss those times when all you can think about is your examinations the next day and what games to play..  

When we were kids, we wanted to grow up fast. However, now that we come of age, we wish that we can still be kids - young, carefree and worry-free. Wheeww! As we grow older, things become more complicated and life perse seems too much to handle. You have your health to take care of, your physical appearance, your social life, your spiritual being, your emotional health and your career. 

Speaking of career, then again the dilemma comes out. It starts when you take a course in college. Find out what interests you most and you are fortunate enough if you are the kind of person who knows what you want and what you want to be in life, if not, then you'll end up taking another course, and probably switch to another one if the next course doesn't suit you still. Oh well, I myself wanted to be an architect, but I guess the financial-and-business-and-my-want did not work that well, I ended up being an Industrial Engineer instead. It's not my childhood dream, being an architect or an engineer either. I remember wanting to be a doctor and a lawyer when I was a kid. But then I thought hard and think again, and I remembered I had a huge list and I decided that this was the weirdest dream that will turn to reality if ever (it's not because I loathed being one but it's because, my body is not pliant enough and not malleable enough, hahahaha! See? I'm using the engineering terms...)

I won't suspense you guys anymore.. This is it! My weirdest dream of all times! Tadaahhh! 


Edgar Degas, L'etoile [La danseuse sur la scene]


  1. hmmmm....good luck sa ballet shoes :)piyaya ang outcome.. peace!mwahh!

  2. hahahahah! korek! hindi pa ko nagstart mukhang magiging piyaya na sya... kawawang ballet shoes! hahahahaha! ;)



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