Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Makes Me Wonder

I usually checked my FB account. You know just to keep in touch and informed with my friends' lives. Heheehehe... And of course if you normally checked your FB you can see your friends' samu't-saring status messages from the smallest things that they do to the complications of their marital status. It just makes me wonder.. 
  • How come some people post where they are? A good example of this the status message "Hanging around at Starbucks ATC". My gulay gosh! It's good if they do not have any stalkers, but what if they do right? It's a creepy thing to think of. Eeekkkss..  
  • How come some people make "yabang"? There is a thing or application in FB wherein you can post the cities that you've been to. It's like more of posting the countries you've been to. Ung iba naku... mega post..  Haaay... If ang ibig nilang sabihin ng cities eh city talaga... Maraming makakagamit ng apps na ito... Like Quezon City, Dipolog City, Cebu City, Davao City... Hahahahaha! Isa na ko dun... Nyehehe... 
  • How come most people post their status messages in English? Instead of posting something like.. "holy crap... what the???" why not post something like "Anak ng tinapa.. ano ba??"..
  • How come people only post something "sosi"? Like "is at Starbucks' drinking my extra-hot caramel machiatto" why not post something jologs naman like "is here at Aling Iska's gotohan" of some sort or pwede din namang "is enjoying Mang Gabby's pisbolan" or "is making tambay here in Aling Simang's Sari Sari Store drinking gin bulag" Hahahahaha! Ang dating nito is some kind of sosing jologs di ba? Heheehehe.. 

I like the fourth best... hahahahaha! 


  1. korek ka jan mare!!! I agree! apir! hehehe

  2. hahahaha! trulili di ba? hehehehe.. as in super jologs ever talaga tayo... hahahahaha! ;)



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