Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Rumi and Bryanboy

I was 'exploring' Blogger's Blog of Notes when I decided to click the Dec 2009 list of "chosen" blogs. The name fashiontoast caught my attention due to the word "fashion" and since I'm curious about it decided to click it. And as I expected it was really about fashion, a lady named Rumi is running this blog displaying her fashion sense, projecting her mink coats and lovely shoes (I am drooling by this time...), Lanvin outfits and Belenciaga bags. Since I kind of like her site, I decided to add it to my "Blogs to Love" list.

While I'm checking on how I can "follow" her site, I got a glimpse of a twit from someone named "Bryanboy". I thought the name sounds familiar and when I tried to remember the name using one of my "memory" bottles, I knew that he was popular because of having 'friends" and "followers" all over the world, giving him gifts and having their pictures taken while holding a paper with "I love Bryanboy" - all of these because of bloggin'. Still out of curiosity on what he looks like, I clicked his name and I was lead to his website. And yeah! It's really him. I think. His blog is all about fashion and bags and shoes and Paris Hilton and Chanel and Lanvin and many other fashion stuffs... Again, I'm drooling... Wehehehe... He said in his blog that he's currently in California... and a question hit my mind? Is he that rich? You know, travelling around and doing shoppings and all... And I went to see his site again, oh well! I guess he is! His site is full of high level ads like Mastercard, Vogue and many other "known" accounts... Oh well! They said there's money in bloggin", I guess that applies if you have thousands of followers and readers! I wish I can make money out of it myself, but for now, I have 3 followers - that is my bestfriend Jake, my good friend Addie and Alex another friend of mine. I am tempted to ask all of my friends to follow me and make a blogger account and read my blog at least 5 times a day for each entry to make some money... Hehehehe... :)

Here's a pic of Rumi and Bryanboy that I got from Bryanboy's site

Rumi and Bryanboy wearing fur jackets from Lanvin x H&M collection

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