Monday, November 22, 2010

It's just another CA

I slept early last Friday night since I've finally decided to change my contact lens only to wake up Saturday morning hearing my sister said that my eyes looked "red" again... for the nth time.. Oh boy! That does mean I need to go to my optha again before I go to the mall to get another pair of contacts. Yeah! My eyes looked "red" most of the times but I'm not feeling any pain or itchiness whatsoever. Going to the my opthalmologist equals steroidal eyedrops, equals two weeks with no contacts, equals two weeks wearing my lola glasses. Yeesh! The lola glasses is the part that I dreaded the most! It's like seeing me wearing two magnifying lens put together to fit my eyes. It's the price you have to pay for watching too much TV, reading books and komiks and not eating kalabasa and chesa when you are young. Yeesh! 

Well, the good part of seeing my optha is that I get a glimpse of an older, good-looking, clean-looking doctor, plus he smells good and getting to here nice music while he got to check my eyes. Oh well! The verdict: It's another CA! CA stands for corneal abrasion. It's always the doctor's verdict whenever he examined my eye. When he told me I need to refrain from using contacts for some time... I grabbed his arm and asked him...
Me: Doc, hanggang kelan ako hindi pwedeng mag-contacts?
Doc: 1 week.
Me: Wheeww! Buti na lang!
It'll be two weeks before we have our company Christmas Party and it will be a major, major disaster if I will dance in front of the crowd wearing my TV series inspired outfit wearing my lola glasses! That at least takes one thing off my mind, I just need to endure the eyedrops session until Saturday. Yebadabadu! Hehehehe! :)

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