Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Powdered what??

The benefit about having married friends is that you get to know those "marriage-and-baby related" things for free. You can discuss about taboo subject like sex and be very educational about it. And you get to know the pains of childbirth and the procedures under a CS operation. You get to know what IE means and how many cm's you need to be before you got into full labor. And you got to know things like gestational diabetes and pelvimetry. You get to know the price of milk in the market and the complexities of choosing diaper on a budget without sacrificing the quality. You can get tips as well on how NOT to burn bottles while sterilizing them. And of course you get the benefits of knowing the pro's and con's of breastfeeding.

During one of our "casual" lunch talks at the cafateria last week. Some weird ideas suddenly came out when we got to touch the BREASTFEEDING topic. Yes, peeps, we "normally" discuss these things during lunchtime, while having roast pork and a can of Coke, unto which I am really grateful because we got to skip those "bloody" normal birthing method and the whole "cutting" caesarian procedures (which makes my knees weak, and I mean literally weak) for a change. Wheeww!

The discussion was actually triggered by a commercial whose message is that the pets' milk are for pets, and cow's milk for your kids? Sounds right to me. We should be giving kiddos human milk! And there goes the mind boggling idea of how come we do not have any powdered breastmilk available in the market now? And mind you guys, WE are serious!

And then we discuss how can we produce POWDERED BREASTMILK? Oh well, we can leave the process of converting it to powder to the experts since they are currently using it for converting cow's milk from liquid to powder form and be available for market consumption. Then we discuss the complexity of how can we extract that much breastmilk in order to make it to full production? Do you think a human can have the same amount of milk that a cow can produce? Or since we know that only those "new moms" have the ability to produce milk, is there like a way for not-pregnant moms, single ladies and even men to lactate? Can we have like a lactating pill or something? How can we do the extracting of milk process for humans for mass production? I mean, why can't we donate milk the way we donate blood?

I told you that this topic is really weird! But it helps us for a moment to think and be amused at the same time.

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  1. Well, my take on that is that it breastmilk would not be special if there is a little effort on it. I assure you that it takes toll to breastfeed but the reward it gives you and your child is too much than it takes for a mother to lactate.

    We are made to lactate enough only for the needs of our child. Different mothers, different antibodies. But I don't underestimate the wonders of Science. But mothers have been breastfeeding for more than 2000 years and no one had a breakthrough on how to make it available for every child without breastfeeding mothers.



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