Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aling Dora, The Exploiter

I am planning to do this for some time now - to document the adventures of Aling Dora, The Exploiter. Chubi came up with the name. Chubi's as good as Addie when it comes to giving names, it made me think they came from the same specie. Hehehehe! Thanks a lot Chubs! :) Unlike the Batman adventures, this is not a comic series. The "Aling Dora, The Exploiter" series will showcase the "exceptional" jokes and comments from Aling Dora herself.

The name came up during our conversation yesterday after having our normal afternoon snacks. 

Aling Dora: (chanting) Pack bag! Pack bag!
Melai: (Looking at Aling Dora) Huh?
Aling Dora: (chanting again) Pack bag! Pack bag!
Melai: (Looking at Chubi.) Ung kanta ba yan sa Dora, the Explorer? Hindi ba dapat.. "Back pack! Back pack!" :)
Chubi: Dapat nga "Back pack! Back pack!" :)
Melai: Nyah! (@_@)

I know we'll all be looking forward Aling Dora's new adventures. So long! Talong! :) Hehehehe!

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