Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OMG! 1K and still counting

Seeing my pageviews hit the now 4-digit counter makes me giddy. Haaah! I guess my continuous effort to push my officemates to visit my blog every time I have a new post finally paid-off. Yes, you read it right... "push" is the term. I send them the links thru IM's and emails so that they can access my site in just one click. I think I would not reach the 4-digit counter if I didn't "advertise" and do some "pushing". :) I tracked them last week and saw that it was only somewhat between 700 to 800.  When I did some checking, I found out the I already have 34 entries total PLUS this one so that makes around 35. I guess I'm having a good time blogging or perhaps many "PO" moments to utilize. Hehehehe.. 

I have 3 loyal followers that I want to thank >> my bestfriend Jake and my close friends Addie and Jalex. And my friends and office buddies that are "forced" to read my blogs. Thank you! Thank you! :)

OMG! 1k+ hits! Thanks a lot guys and gals and gays! :)

Tell you what? I'll be posting a "special" blog specifically for my fourth follower that will sign-up. Hehehehe... Isn't it enticing? Hahahaha! Mind you guys, I'm serious. :) Is it that obvious that I'm really desperate to have more followers? Hahahahaha! :) Oh well, be the fourth follower and you got the chance to appear on my blog. :) So, what are you waiting for? Join na!


  1. i will follow you but you don't have to make a post for me! hehe Keep blogging and always keep the motivation up!

  2. you can post the link of your blog in skype... that way more officemates (from US and EU) can view your site! ;) ingat lang sa paglagay ng nasty stuff... baka mabasa ng bossing mo! hahahaha!!! :P

  3. hahahha! nice tip lex! cge! try ko gawin yan... :)



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