Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Several Firsts

I thought I wouldn't make it since I feel sick late Friday until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I popped up some med to make sure I'll be fine to be able to attend our "last" Christmas Party. I shouldn't let my group mates down since I am part of the "warriors" portion of our "Ilumina" presentation. I'm kind of hesitant in wearing the dress but then I remember the "We're all in this together!" theme that we have and some (and I mean just some) of my worries were put to rest. 

I ate breakfast, showered and got myself ready for the rest of the day. Exchange SMS' with Betchie to align with our meeting time so that we can go together to Linda's hotel room to get our hair and make-up done. I popped another med when I felt another a start of headache and I'm feeling cold again (minus the chills this time). It's almost 1PM when we arrived the hotel and got to see Jobert (Addie's make-up artist during her wedding) already starting Linda's hair. Addie arrived after Betchie and I. Glenda, Alex and Tina followed several hours after. 

For the second time, I liked what Jobert did to my hair and face. My first make-up session with him is when I was part of Addie and Roy's wedding entourage a couple of years back. And as expected, he did wonders! 
  • He didn't blow dry my hair but flattened it out and it turned out fab! As Addie said, it's looks similar to Pink's. Hehehehe.. 
  • I LOVE the idea of the false eyelashes. It's my first time wearing one since I haven't been "experimental" about it since I'm wearing contacts PLUS I rarely have the opportunity to attend events that will require me to be on my "full make-up" mode. My new contacts will be available early next week so I think it would be okay if I'll be kind of "experimental". :) 
  • I think the pink lip tint and gloss goes together with the make-up. :)
My second make-up session with Jobert

Last Saturday, I've (We've) showcased "the dress". I will be just be posting my pic though since I wouldn't want my head to be chopped-off by my fellow "dancers". Heheehehe... Wearing the dress will give me several "firsts".
  • First time to wear fish net stockings - which I have been dreaming of for a while. God must've listened to what I'm thinking since He made a way and an occasion for me to wear one. Heheehehe.. 
  • I have dreamed of being a majorette during my younger days but since I'm skinny then not that tall to be qualified to be one, I've settled to being a very "inspiring" and "creative" and "the best among the best" lire player. Heheehe... Who would have guessed that after XX years of waiting I can wear a dress similar to a majorette's. Ha! Ha! Ha! :)
  • First time that I'll be dancing in my black "sexy" heels. That is what? XX years after HS prom? Hahahahaha! :)
  • The first time that I have joined and danced the after-party disco madness! :) It's fun to activate your "wilder" side some time. :)
Me, Myself and Moi! :)


  1. loved the make up too! we all looked pretty that night! and while dancing during the after-party party, I suddenly missed my younger/wilder days!! i think we should all go clubbing once in a while :)

  2. hi CT! yup! I guess we all looked pretty during that night.. and we looked as Ms. Ma put it "professional".. hahahahaha! it's fun to fuss with your looks once in a while... and sometimes to be wilder too! hehehehe.. :)

  3. although we fail to bring home the bacon..sad but it's ok:) coz we absolutely enjoy our fabulous outfits and of course flaunt our figures! Cheers to all black sorcerers!!!weeee!

  4. @LP: yeah... i'm thinking "We" are the bacon! hehehee... kidding aside, i enjoyed the party - the dancing, the flaunting... minus the food off course... yeesshh! :)



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