Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Grinch of V-Day

It's that year of the month... again! It's February and I started seeing hearts all over the place - strings of heart-shaped red colored papers hung on the cafeteria's ceiling, the heart-shaped cards on the book stands, the heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher and the heart designs on those Starbuck Coffee mugs. Aside from these mushy-mushy hearts, I think flowers and chocolates are already hitting the stands. Not to mention the endless bookings on those mushy-mushy restaurants - you know, cozy candelit dinners for two, with wine and all. I bet the marriage proposals will again be a fad! I guess it's the time of the year for jewellers selling engagement rings and all these mushy-mushy jewelries. Yeah! It's my word for the month ----- Mushy-mushy! Ha! Ha!

Well, I think to most of us - single and very much available ladies, without a "suitable" date on Valentine's Day, we opt or tend to:

  • Hope that after Feb. 13 it will be Feb 15 right away and forget that Feb 14 is there on the calendar! 
  • Special deliveries of those mushy flowers, mushy chocolates and mushy cards must be done in a very discrete way. By being discrete, I mean the it must be wrapped in a big, big box so that no single person can see its contents, so they can think it might be a stereo or a refrigerator or something. 
  • Be super sensitive. So I suggest that let there be a memorandum or something that says "Every 14th of February, PDA (Public Display of Affection) will not be allowed on public places. PDA's will include holding hands, holding hands while walking, hugging, kissing of all sorts and any other act that will make a SINGLE person OUT OF PLACE. We'll give sanctions to those who will fail to comply on this memorandum." Hah! :)

Well, yeah! That's me! Call me " The Grinch of V-Day"! Hahahaha! Kidding aside, although I want those three things above to happen every Valentine's, I feel that I'm not that selfish to wish everyone to skip Valentine's. Okay, I'm allowing the Feb 14 to happen and the deliveries, but I think the "No PDA" memorandum should be considered! Hehehehehe! :)

Sometimes, when you are single you tend you ask yourself, "Is there something wrong with me? Am I not that attractive?" and then you tend to focus on making yourself presentable so that you can be attractive to the opposite sex. And then comes the question, "Is being physically attractive gives you an edge to finding your partner in life? How about if you are not beautiful and sexy but you have a good heart? Wouldn't that be good enough?" I know that the physical thing comes first, I guess it triggers the attraction for the opposite sex, but it shouldn't end at that and I personally think that beauty must come last when you choose your partner in life. 

I guess when you come of age, you tend to realize what matters most in a relationship. Being surrounded by married couples and hearing their problems makes you realize that sometimes love's not enough to put the marriage into place. Love and trust and loyalty must be in the relationship and putting God between the center of all. I also learned that you need to treat your partner as a friend and should be free to tell him/her on whatever comes to your mind - A friend will tell me that this may not normally happen, but I think I just believe in the value of communication between two people. Trust should always be present to both parties in a relationship, as we know lack of trust may lead to fights and therefore might lead to losing your love for each other in the end. :(

Ahhh... these were the complications in life! I guess we all have problems of our own when it comes to relationships but maybe at different intensities. Going back to reality, I know those things won't happen. Valentine's will still be Valentine's and Feb 14 will always come after Feb 13, flower shops will proceed with their business of delivering flowers and the restaurants will serve their best candelit dinners, jewellers will still offer their "diamonds are forever" engagement rings, and couples will kiss and will hug and will give each other loving glances even with a memorandum or not. I guess I (we) just need to get used to it. At least until we find someone to spend our Valentine's with. :)


  1. i like the memorandum!! I agree with that!! Anyways, we available people can all go together and have fun ;) We should schedule a night out or a karaoke night... :P

  2. hahaha! if I happened to be the next president, I will really put that memorandum into place.. hahahaha! and officially declare Feb 14 as Feb 13 in the calendar.. Hihihihi! (This is me on my witch laugh!)

    hehehe.. i'm planning to WFH on V-Day this year... maybe next year, we can have a night out or karaoke.. heheheh... :)



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