Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Artist in Me: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Sorry, I've been out for a while. I've been busy these past few days cramming over "the transfer", dealing with several work issues and searching the net related to "the transfer" thing. I've wanted to write about all those emotions but it might be too long so I have reached for the crayons on my table (that I've snatched from Alex) and doodled something. I'm not that good in portrait drawing so I've decided to play around and here's the finished product.

Tadah! I'm calling this drawing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". It's not a reflection of what I feel right now but it's the emotion that came up when I got once I'm done drawing the outline of her eyes. Hopeful. Giddy. And in love.

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Melai 03032011


  1. she's cute! The heart pupils are a nice touch ;)

  2. wow, my crayons were of better use! :)

  3. hi CT! yes, they kept me company... i already miss you guys! see you soon! :)



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