Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All good things must come to end

All good things must come to an end. It's not like you can stay forever with the rest of the people you come to care of or eventually started to love. We all know that we can't stay together forever. People must move on with their lives. I'm getting a little sentimental. I'm feeling sad and a little bit teary eyed knowing that a few months from now, some of us will be leaving ahead. 

I will definitely miss going to office seeing each and everyone of you guys chat with each other over breakfast and lunch and meriendas. I will definitely miss having coffee with you guys while chitchatting about how each of our day went, even discussing our own personal problems. Staying with you guys for six years makes me weepy knowing we would not be seeing each other for sometime. It will definitely be a huge adjustment for me not seeing us complete on the table during breakfast. Thinking it ahead makes my heart sink and makes me weepy all over again. Yeah! That's me exactly! Deeply attached to friendships and relationships! I treat the guys that I work with not just my officemates but as friends. 

I know that a few months from now some of us will be together again... a different place.. a different time... however, the absence of some won't make it the same again.. Moving on will be hard for me considering the time that each of us spent together... Weaving memories together... If I ever get sad or lonely and miss each one of you guys.. I can always check on the photos that we had... reminiscing all the memories together with each photograph... 

I actually was intending to write about the Christmas Party that we had yesterday however I don't know what got over me to feel sentimental. I guess it's just a spill over of my mood yesterday all getting lonely and love sick. I guess I better get back to write about the party.. 
Well, me, together with some of the present Planning folks had a party yesterday. It was sad though that some weren't able to come because of timing conflicts. It was fun altogether - the games, the raffle, the food. Aside from the major, major prizes and the unforgettable "Minsan May Isang Paruparo" - my personal favorite! 

Principal: Okay, sino'ng pinakamagaling sa charades? 
All: Si Kuya Rey!
Principal: Okay Rey! Ikaw na magpahula.
Principal shows Rey the paper under the "Lumang Pelikula" category. Once they're done. Rey faced the audience to start the game. 
Rey flashed his fingers.
All: Four words!
Rey nodding. Rey pointing out to one of his 4 fingers.
All: Fourth word!
Rey nodded again and started gesturing with his two hands together flipping like wings and the crowd started to guess.. 
Rey shooked his head. And gestured again.. I think he was saying it was something small... Then showed the flipping wings gesture again.. 
Cheche raising her hand. 
Principal pointed at Cheche to guess the word.
Cheche: Minsan May Isang Gamu-gamo?
Rey shooked his head and pointed something to the audience. I guess he was saying something like "Malapit na!". And principal called out everybody that raised their hands to guess. I remember some of them... 
Minsan May Isang Pipit?
Minsan May Isang Maya?
Minsan May Isang Alitaptap?
Minsan May Isang Agila?
There were murmurs everywhere... The committee was already hearing the correct answer being blubbed but were not spoken aloud. And finally... Teddy raised a hand... 
"Minsan May Isang Paru-paro???"
And that ended the charades and Teddy got the plastic box full of goodies that she decided to include in the raffle later that time. :) 

It's definitely fun! I know we will miss each other no matter what! We will always be friends and although we may not be together as a whole again... I know deep in our hearts we will always be with each other... Despite all the challenge that we faced these past years we're still here for each other... 

Yesterday, though we only spent a couple of hours together.. I know that what matters most is that we are together this one last time to make memories together. 

Merry Christmas guys! :)

You'll see this view from the window where the party took place.

Some of the raffle prizes. :) I would love to have the "Labada Package"! :)

Some prizes again.. 

Enjoying the "Shoot that Sipit" game!

Strategizing over the "Thread and Needle" game..

Taking photos for blackmail purposes!... I mean just taking pictures! :)

Team 1 Cheering Presentation - Teddy the Mascot at the back... hehehehe... :)

Team 2's in full concentration... ;)

Team 3's 10 minute presentation... OMG? Is there a time limit? Hahahahah! :)

Who's food is this? Hehehe... The caldereta was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

The game winners sporting their Oishi and Cloud9 package! :)

The Master Teacher, The Supervisor and The Principal! Quiet pleasssseeee!! :)

The Mascot, The Principal and The Sup with Ms. Ma :)

Where's the cam??? 

Hmmmnn... Rey's still working...  Paging Grace and Loris! ;)
Lucky me! I got the Php500 Body Tune GC! Woohoo! :)


Si Adeline at ang Magic Timba! :)

The Sup with the Principal posing after winning the Php200 Starbucks GC! :)

Party Peeps!

Party Peeps wacky pose!

Photos care of Jing, Ate Annie and Glenda. :)


  1. inggit ako!! i wanted to be there kaso dami kc inaasikaso :(

  2. oo nga... nagpunta ka nga pla sa Uste... :)

  3. Yeah ...I did Missed you after few weeks...pulled in earlier....

  4. hi honeybee! yeah... i miss you guys too... see you in a few days.. aja! ;)



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