Monday, December 13, 2010

Have you?

Have you ever felt that there's something missing in your life?
Have you ever felt that despite having a successful career you need something that you know will make you happier?
Have you ever had sleepless nights wishing that you have someone to cuddle with in the middle of the night?
Have you ever felt this "tick" in your heart whenever you see a happy couple around?
Have you ever felt jealous of those women holding babies?

Yeah, this is me in my "emote" mode. I guess it's because of all the romance novel things and those Koreanovelas that I'm so much into lately that makes me feel more sensitive and do some fantasizing about love and all those romantic things that comes with it. 

Flowers? Aww! Who wouldn't want one? And chocolates... Ahhhh... Don't get me all wrong... I've exprerienced having them.. Flowers and chocolates and cards... But then I realized, how come I'm getting them from somebody whom I didn't like? Because of that I wasn't able to feel the same bliss it must have been compared to getting from someone you really like or love, you know, the ultimate "kilig" factor is there.

I remember receiving a card from my ultimate crush in grade school. Hah! Oh well, yes, I was the sentimental kind of girl. Keeping cards and chocolate wrappers. Here are some of the memorabilias of my younger "landian" days. Hehehe..

The first Valentine's Day Card that I received from my first crush in grade school :) 

Some of the memorable cards that I had. It reminds me of such happy memories.

I received this pack of Ferrero Rocher together with a card from "someone" Valentines '97. :)

Seeing them makes me reminisce the "kilig" feelings that I have while receiving them. Among the things that I got these are ones that are close to my heart. Those are such happy memories to forget. :) I love the feeling of being inlove and being taken cared of. At some point, I do miss having them. But I guess, I still have to wait. A few more months, maybe a few more years. I just hope that when love knocks my heart once again it will be forever and there will be a happy ever after. :)


  1. *sigh* we both want the same thing... someone that is perfect for us :) I also get this "hangover" from reading romantic books and koreanovela's where I want to live in that world. where you get to be loved by your special someone... unfortunately we don't live in that make believe world... we are at our own reality, and that we have to deal with :(

  2. yeah... all the while I thought it was only me who was feeling like this... i talked to jinggay last monday and she was feeling the same... oh well... i'm thinking about quitting reading those romance novels and watching koreanovelas... just temporarily... hehehehe... :)

  3. well, yeah I thought of stopping too, but sometimes i feel it's the only way I can be inlove... by living vicariously through these books (and koreanovela's). it's not much of a life I know, but at least I can always go back to it just to feel good



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