Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aling Dora, The Exploiter Strikes Again

Remember Align Dora from my previous blog entry? Well, she's back! And she's back with a vengeance! Or should I say multiple strikes just for this day? So guys, you better get yourselves ready for her return!

Strike#1: Legging or Short Leggings? 
During lunchtime, Aling Dora is having a conversation with Jinggay, Chubi and me. I told them I wanted to wear leggings and nobody reacted! I interpreted that they are either shocked or they are having difficulty picturing out me wearing the tight thing! And well... the latter was correct! (Those mean girls! Rrrr!) Align Dora bent towards Jinggay and whispered something... 
Jinggay babbled out.. 
Jinggay: Ano? Legging?
Melai and Chubi started laughing... 
Melai: Legging??? 
Chubi: Hehehehehe... Isang paa lang kasya dun... Hehehehe.. 
Then I remember this one time while we are discussing the costume for our Christmas Presentation. We were discussing about wearing a short skirt and Aling Dora said to me.. 
Aling Dora: Melai, Pede pala ding magsuot nung leggings na maikli. Ung hanggang ganan? (NOTE: This is not a typo error... "ganan" is her term for "ganyan".) (She said this while showing me that the "leggings" should be above the knee.)
I eyed her suspiciously....
Melai: Ah! Cycling! (I was referring to cycling shorts!) 

Strike #2: Pami-What?
We got the news that Hubert Webb, the main suspect on the Visconde Massacre was already acquitted together with the other suspects. We were watching the GMA7 footages and Aling Dora saw Hubert.
Aling Dora: May girlfriend daw yang si Hubert?
Jinggay: Talaga?
Melai: Ang tindi naman! May GF talaga?
Aling Dora: Oo... nakilala daw un sa PAMIMISITA?
Melai and Jinggay looking at her. "Ano daw? PAMIMISITA?"

Strike #3: Pinky
Still watching the news footage on GMA7...
Aling Dora: Grabe naman... Sino-sino pa ba ung ibang akusado dyan?
Melai: Akusado din ung anak ni Pinky De Leon!
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga pala...
Suddenly Pinky De Leon was focused on TV while in court...
Melai: Ayun si Pinky!
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga no... Bakit hindi sya naka-PINK? 
Melai/Jing: Ano baaaaa???????

Strike #4: Double Jeopardy
Still watching the news footage about the Visconde Massacre suspects' acquittal..
Rey: Naku... magbabayad pa ata ang gobyerno dyan...
Jing: Final na kaya yang decision ng korte? Hindi na pedeng umapela..
Rey: Hindi na... Double jeopardy na un...
Jing: Ah oo nga... parang may napanood ako na ganung movie... hindi nga pla un pwede...
Aling Dora: Ay oo... napanood ko din un... Si KRIS AQUINO ang bida?
Jinggay: Tangik! English un...Un parang may kinuha... 
Aling Dora: Ah oo nga pla... Hheehehe... Ung kinuha nung bestfriend nya ung anak nya... Naiyak nga ako dun eh!
Jinggay: Sira! Deep....
Aling Dora: Ay oo nga pla... Deep Blue Sea nga pla un... Hehhehehe..
Jinggay: Adik! Deep-end of the Ocean un! 
Rey, Melai, Jinggay >>> (@_@)


  1. natawa ako dun sa comment about Pinky!!! hahaha!! kakaiba talga ang lola mo!! :P

  2. korek! hehehehehehe! wala syang katulad... :)



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