Friday, December 17, 2010

The Artist In Me: What's in a Face?

Yes! I do love art! :) However, I skipped submitting my portrait assignment during my Drafting class in Third Year high. I'm good in technical drawing but quite a mess when it comes to freehand. I do not have any difficulty imagining and drawing the orthographic sections of a given object, but I do have hard time drawing humans and any freehand drawing that requires assumptions and proportions. 

Sketching faces is not one of my many talents. I think I'll be happier if ever I'll be able to do that as well. However, I know God is fair. You cannot be pretty and witty and sexy and be good at sketching faces all at the same time... Heheehehe... Yeah, well, just to make another try, I searched the web and was able to find this video that shows some basic steps in drawing a face. 

I tried following these steps and here's the outcome. I think it's not that bad... ;)

What's in a Face? by Melai 12172010

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