Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fourth

Finally, I got to trap someone else! I've got my "Fourth" official follower! Yihaaa!! I was kind of ecstatic when I saw that I am seeing four boxes on my follower's portion. :) Haah! My fourth! My fourth! Haaah!! (Me smiling while having my clasped hands close to my heart..) Awww! The joy! Hmmmnn... Snap! Oh well, too much about me.. Hehehee..

As I promised on my blog, I will be creating a post for my "Fourth" official follower - Wify. 
My "Fourth" follower - Wify
I took a closer look at the small icon of my new follower... closer... closer... It's a relatively small photo to take a look at... I have a hint of who she was but still I wanted to make sure. So I clicked on the pic and it went bigger by a fraction, just to make sure again.. I opened her blog and see for myself if what I have in my mind is right? And when I opened it. Yes! Right! It's her. From her first entry, I noticed a poem. I don't know, maybe I should write one for her. Let's see if I still have the ability to make words rhyme. :)

A Poem for Wify

It's odd that I'm making this poem for you
It's because I feel like I am your beau!
It sounds awkward and fun
Anyways, I thank you for being a fan.

Thank you for taking time
Reading those stuffs that I write.
I know you went with my "push"
However, I know that you enjoyed it for sure!

Again, Thanks for dropping by
And making my site-o-meter fly!
I think I am losing my touch.
I think I'd be better off the couch.

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