Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately, I'm feeling hooked about the whole "pageviews" and "comments" things. I think I'm being addicted to them I am already forgetting the main reason why I opened this blog - which is to express myself and how I feel through writing. It's kind of odd that I am developing the habit of refreshing my dashboard several times a day to check how many views do I have. Checking the progress and comparing how much views I have gained these past few days. Sometimes I do feel silly doing just like that. I even feel that I'm making too much effort "advertising" my blog and "pushing" people read those stuffs that I write. Yesterday, when somebody commented on my blog, and when I checked him out, I saw that his blog has this kind of chatbox and it has all these comments. Yeah, I created one for myself. Anyways, I feel sillier checking them everytime I make a refresh to check if somebody sent me a message, even a "hi!" note will give me an ear-to-ear smile. Unfortunately, until now, no one left me a single message. :(

Duhhh, I'm feeling that I'm looking for attention... Am I? Well, maybe these last few weeks.. just these past few weeks... I guess.. Or was it because I'm looking for opinions? Or maybe I just want to know if people read my entries... Or perhaps, I just want to know the peoples reaction to my blogs.. because I want to see people smile and react to things.. Perhaps it's a mixture of all of these things.. Yeah! Maybe I need some attention, to hear other's opinion, to be curious about my readers, and to see people smile and react to things.. Now, I think I'm being complex... Hahhaahha! 

Well, who cares if someone's chatbox is oozing with messages and I only have one message which is the one that I posted myself? Who cares if I only have a few hits on the site views? Who cares if I do get only 1k+ and Bryanboy gets millions?  Hahahahaha! Okay, now I'm being jealous! :)

Oh well, it's time to have some focus now and make myself focus on the things that makes me happy, set aside those things that makes me worry, and forgot those things that make me angry. The least that I want in my life right now is complexity, and I'll be doing my best to make my life as simple and as uncomplicated as it should be. :)

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